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Welcome to another brand new article in which we are going to cover many things related to having a self hosted social network for your business. In the past, we have published many blog posts on a wide range of open source products. Therefore, this article will also target the aspects attached to the open source social network. The open source community has developed many social networking apps that offer a wide range of features to organizations working on a larger and small scale. In addition, there are many other important considerations that are inevitable while establishing a shared infrastructure for employees, and top management.

On the other hand, online businesses have started to build their own social networks for the sake of control, security, and efficiency. There are many reasons to go for self hosted social networking software for your business such as data encryption, knowledge sharing, data insights, resource engagements, and more. In this blog post, we will go through the pros of having a good open source application for social networking.

Share Ideas & Resources

In big organizations, it is very vital to have brainstorming sessions to explore further solutions. There are different tools and techniques to bring every entity on a page to address the opportunities and threats. With the advent of social networking apps, it has become easy and efficient to share your thoughts and findings with everyone using an open source social network. In addition, users can share documents, video, audio, or any other format of files with just one click. The teammates can react to that post or they can leave any comment.

Focused Content

While sharing findings and resources, enterprise social software provides the ability to attach the highlighted content to elaborate in a well-readable way. There are many self hosted social networks that offer the provision to post long documents that sometimes become hard to go through. Therefore, users can highlight the most important and critical text in that document. Above all, users can mention a specific part in a video and share the link of that selected part with other members.

Workflow Automation

Another beauty of the self hosted social network is the automation of routine tasks. Business IT managers can deploy these free tools to automate employee leaves, performance reviews, minutes of meetings, and many more. In a shared space, everyone then can view and analyze the ongoing team performances and the managerial roles. Business stakeholders can trace the activities from start to end to monitor the complete cycle.

Activity Stream

This is is another important feature provided by enterprise social software. Businesses working on a large scale always intended to make sure the transparency and openness of the business operations. Therefore, open source social networking apps come with a log view on the dashboard where users can see the activities of other users. However, there is a newsfeed updating in real-time and it feels like a Facebook alternative.

Structured Communication

As far as communication is concerned, social networking apps come up with rich chat options. Moreover, you can establish a group or individual chats with your teammates. Open source social networks provide rich chat options such as emojis, attachments and etc. There are very simple and user-friendly chat user interfaces that help users have focused communication with colorful textures. Further, participants can modify the visibility of the chats from public to private.

Remote Engagements

At the current point of time, the remote model is the most widely used working model that has been adopted by many organizations. However**, self hosted social networks** come with a complete module of video and audio calls where participants can have conference calls. Moreover, participants can add other users into the conversations by sharing the link with them. Therefore, communication is fun with the support of gifs, emojis, and reactions.

Data Gathering & Encryption

Data security is the most critical aspect of any software. Luckily, the open source community has become so vibrant and alive that open source software are much more secure ever than before. Therefore, social networking apps use the latest data encryption techniques to secure the data streams that help users to work efficiently without worrying about any security breach.

Instant Polling

You can run your own social network just as a Facebook alternative. Open source social apps offer you almost all types of features as big social media platforms offer. Therefore, users can create polls where they can collect the required information in the form of opinions of their mates.

Search Features

It is a hassle to navigate through large documents to find particular information. Therefore, a self hosted social network offers rich global search options where users can find even a single work in a huge stack of documents.

All Apps In One Place

The best characteristic of an open source software is its extensibility. Enterprise social software are extensible enough that developers can integrate third-party applications seamlessly.


This is the end of this blog post. Therefore, building a self hosted social network for your own business can boost your business in terms of efficiency. This article can really help you in making the right choice if you are truly looking to deploy an open source social network on your local servers or on the cloud. The progress of business depends on the working environment. However, such social networking apps provide shared spaces where employees and top managers can share their thoughts and evaluate them as per their understandings. Participants can visually see their locations on an embedded map and can establish video or audio calls with them.

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