Get rid of old-school translation practices and install an open-source translation management system to add localization to your business application.

Translation Management System


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In this blog post, we will try to explain the translation management system from various perspectives. How globalization and localization can benefit your online business site. Moreover, we will also explore the automation offered by the translation management software.

The following points will be covered in this article:

What is a translation management system?

A translation management system (TMS) manages and automates the translations of your website/software or application. This software takes your website files as input, translates them into different languages, and updates the website automatically. Moreover, it does not only manage translations but also offers an integrated platform where collaborators and editors can interact seamlessly.

open source translation management system

The trivial job of any translation automation software is to provide website localization services and an open-source TMS is rich enough to provide many other useful features and integrations. In fact, the integrations include third-party libraries, communication & collaboration tools. Further, these translation management systems are very robust and push the translated files super quickly which eventually gives an edge to the SEO of the website.

How does it work and what does it offer? 

A translation management system automates the repetitive tasks of managing translations of a business website. It offers provisions to manage translated assets of any business software that also lets relevant stakeholders work collaboratively. However, you take advantage of translation management tools that come up with a user-friendly interface to track the progress of ongoing translation processes.

The coolest part of an open-source translation management software is that you can have its cloud version which solves the issues related to scalability. Hence, you can focus on managing the localization of your projects and increasing the reach of your content across borders.

The following are the core features of any translation management system (TMZ):

API for third-party integrations

An enterprise-level TMS always provides an API that is used for integration with other applications and translation modules such as i18n.

There will be thousands of translation projects in a translation management system and if could take immense time to search a particular record out of so many translation files. Therefore, a good TMS is equipped with a smooth global search feature that helps in finding a specific record such as a string.

Shared dashboard

It is another trivial aspect of translation management software that offers a dashboard where all the relevant entities work collaboratively. Project managers, translators, and editors come together and process the tasks collaboratively.

Over-the-air globalization

This feature is super awesome as it reduces the time & effort of going back and forth between pulling and pushing the updates on the business website. A rich-featured TMS that offers website localization services, runs the translation process, and updates the app running in production.

Translation memory

Translation memory saves time, increases efficiency, and makes the translation process even quicker. So, it keeps a record of all the previous translations so that all the repetitive strings get translated without initiating any new process.

Business benefits of globalization & localization 

This section will describe some of the prominent perks linked to adding translations to your business application.

Competitive edge

In this fast-growing world, there is a lot of competition in terms of first-to-market, quality, and strategy. Most of the time, you have to formulate a strategy to make your apps unique in the market. Therefore, well-translated software can give your software a competitive edge over other non-translated apps.

Global reach

The fact of the matter is that you have to make your app a global entity in this global village and that could not happen without having your software in different locales. So, bringing localization into your software will give you further opportunities to impress a global audience and showcase your expertise.

Enhanced user engagement

The ideal case is to have a user engagement where users/visitors can interact and leave their feedback about your application. However, adding translations to your app and managing them by employing an open-source translation management system will make your business website more user-friendly.

Increased market share

This is one of the top benefits of localization and globalization of your business software. Eventually, it will nurture leads and boost sales if you are reaching users belonging to various demographics and languages.

Summing up

This takes us to the end of this blog post. We hope that you have gone through this article thoroughly and have understood the eco-system of a translation management system. Further, there are many open-source translation management software that offers website localization services. However, it is up to you to make the choice while keeping your business needs in mind. In addition, website localization is a must-have component for any business website.

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Do I need a translation management system?

Yes, if you are dealing with a large amount of content that involves static and dynamic resources. So, you can host an open-source translation management software to automate and manage the translations.

What are the advantages of TMS?

Please visit this link to know the advantages of a translation management system.

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