Why everyone is talking about ChatGPT? Does your software leverage a Chatbot? Let’s explore the phenomenon behind this artificial intelligence-powered ChatGPT.

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In November 2022, OpenAI (an artificial intelligence research & development company) launched ChatGPT which lets users have human-like conversations with AI bots. This AI chatbot is based on a third generation of GPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) that uses natural processing language techniques to conduct question-answer sessions. In addition, this OpenAI Chatbot has gained immense attention around the globe due to its accuracy and data flow. Even in the first week of its release, it recorded 1 Million users. That’s amazing!

This conversational AI software is free and you can log in to play with it. However, ChatGPT is not open source yet but as per news, its open source version will be available in near future. Further, ChatGPT is a well-trained chatbot that can interact with humans in a very natural way. Many questions will pop up in your head about this artificial intelligence tool. So, we will go some miles ahead in this article and will try to find out answers to some interesting questions.

The following points will be covered in this blog post:

How does ChatGPT work?

In fact, ChatGPT is also a large language model(LLM) trained on huge datasets, and the phenomenon of predicting and completing the sentence happens on the LLM’s side. These datasets comprise textual data that is used to generate human-like conversational sentences using natural processing. The more the size of the datasets, the more the language models will perform.

This OpenAI Chatbot “ChatGPT” is well-trained using a technique called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback in which the system is provided with feedback about their responses and enforces to generate that response again. The thing that makes ChatGPT distinctive is its ability to understand the intent of humans in the conversation. Further, it is intelligent enough to make decisions upon certain types of questions like what to answer and what to discard. The scope of the conversations is not limited and this AI Chatbot is trained to commence all types of conversation.

With the advent of AI-based ChatGPT, somehow it has been seen that conversational responses attract users more than normal search results. This OpenAI chatbot presents the search results in a human-like conversational response whereas, a search engine like Google does it in simple plain text. However, both platforms come up with different approaches to serving the results.

AI chatbot chatGPT

As far as this AI bot is concerned, it is new in the market and will take time to get mature. It is highly user-friendly but the chance of mistakes in the answers is still there. Even though ChatGPT is all set to give a tough time to Google as in December 2022, Google announced the development of a new chatbot named “Code Red” and the community is considering it a reaction in response to the release of ChatGPT.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Let’s go deep further and see what are the limitations attached to this OpenAI Chatbot ChatGPT.

Will it be Free forever?: ChatGPT is free at the current point in time. However, as per a statement from OpenAI’s CEO, it is inevitable and very certain that this AI bot will charge some cents against prompts and replies.

ChatGPT is unable to access the internet: This AI chatbot is unable to access the internet rather it generates the responses based on the datasets provided to it.

Inaccurate responses: Although, the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT does well in conducting interactive sessions with humans sometimes the results may lead to inaccurate information.

Limited datasets: ChatGPT processes the information on the data with which it is trained. Therefore, it does not do anything beyond its range.

Biased results: This AI bot is trained by humans so there is a high chance of producing biased results. The data selection and the algorithm may produce results of the same nature.

ChatGPT integrations

The standing of any software is directly linked to its extensibility. ChatGPT offers integrations with third-party applications rather there is a very simple mechanism to install this AI bot on your website. First, you can get an API key from OpenAI, select the programming language, and install the libraries to make HTTPS requests. Secondly, make a request to OpenAI, OpenAI will generate the response, fetch that response and send it to the bot to show on your website.

In addition, Microsoft is planning to enrich its search engine Bing with artificial intelligence. For this purpose, it has opted for the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT. However, this integration will definitely give a competitive edge.

Wrapping up

We are ending this blog post with the hope that you have learned something about the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT. You have gone through this AI chatbot from different perspectives. In addition, we also have gone through some limitations attached to this AI-powered bot. Further, we have tried to answer some critical questions in this article. So, after reading this guide, I recommend you give ChatGPT a try. Integrating this AI bot with your website will provide a better version of support to the diverse customer base.

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Q4. Will ChatGPT replace programmers?

No, this OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT helps developers in finding the best possible answer to their questions in a human-like conversation and nothing more than that.

ChatGPT is open source?

ChatGPT is not open source but as per some news, OpenAI may consider making it open source in the future.

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