Status page system helps businesses to reduce downtime of services and instantly notify customers. We have compiled a list of the top 5 free status page software of 2020.

Open Source Status Page

Every online business runs 24×7 and things can get wrong at any moment. Its very important to update your customers about issues, so they can remain informed. You can automate this process by using open source status page software. Status Page is a modern way to keep your customers updated about service status and incidents. In this blog post, we will explore the following open source status page software.


Cachet is leading free and open source status page system for services. It helps businesses to improves downtime and system outages. Further, you can send notifications to subscribers and keep them updated. Cachet can be easily integrated with third party sites such as Pingometer, Zabbix, Nagios, and many more.

Cachet - PHP Laravel based open source status page system

Above all, some of the important features of Cachet are:

  • Manage components and groups
  • Incidents
  • Manage subscribers for notifications
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Schedule maintenance

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Statping is an excellent modern open source monitoring system for all services. It has impressive features list such as graphs, analytics, and plugins. Statping is an easy to use software and can run it on any environment. Moreover, it automatically fetches the applications for monitoring and you don not need to configure third party software for it.

Statping - PHP based open source status page system

Here are some key features of Statping:

  • Manage services
  • Announcements
  • Theme editor
  • Web hooks

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Monitoror is powerful and lightweight open source monitoring software for all tools in one place. It provides support to monitor services such as websites, APIs, ping server and even any specific ports. It can be installed at your private server and you can keep control over data. Monitoror is developed in GO language and source code is available at GitHub.

Monitoror - open source status page system

Above all, here are the some popular features of Monitoror:

  • Beautiful UI
  • UI configuration
  • Lightweight and Reliable
  • Monitor server status by pinging
  • Support server ports monitoring

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Staytus is a beautiful and self-hosted status page system. It’s fully-packed with all the modern features that you would expect from any system. It enables businesses to add maintenance sessions and also post them on status website to keep customers updated. Staytus also allows to update statuses from external applications using JSON API.

Staytus - open source status page system

On the other hand, some cool features of Staytus include:

  • Beautiful & responsive UI
  • Issues tracking
  • Maintenance sessions
  • Subscribers management
  • Update status from external applications

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Statusfy is a absolutely free and open source status page system. Its easy to use and also allows to create a fast static system in any language. Progressive Web App (PWA) is core feature that helps to speed up the site without page reloads, even when offline. In addition to above, Statusfy can be deployed to a variety of hosting services with the minimum effort.

Statusfy - open source status page system

Here are some key features of Statusfy:

  • Beautiful and Responsive UI
  • Progressive Web App
  • Incidents reports
  • Markdown support
  • Multi-language support

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We have covered few open source status page systems in this article. It’s usually difficult to choose right tool for business. However, if you are already using monitoring service and want to integrate it with free status page system, then Cachet is the best option. But, in case you want to do everything under one place, you can choose one from rest of the list.

Finally, is in a consistent process of writing blog posts on further latest open source products. Therefore, stay in touch with this Status Page category for the latest updates.


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