Best guide to choose the best web form builder software in 2020

Top 5 Open Source Online Form Builders for 2020

Form builders are important to collect customer data and process it via some backend. So, we have prepared a list of best open source form builders.

Online forms are very important and there are many different reasons to use them. If you are a business and selling your products or services online, you may want to know what your customers are saying about your products. Therefore, you need online form builder to build forms to collect data.

Marketing teams are always looking for forms to collect user’s information to convert them into leads. Student are using forms to collect survey data for their research projects. In short, forms are useful for so many fields and areas.

To help you choose right online form builder our team created a list of top form builder software. So, here is the list.


Form.IO is one of the most popular form builder software with advanced level features. It helps you to generate data entry web forms and surveys along with data management API platform.

Form.IO is based on Node.js and MongoDB. It supports the serverless architecture and this makes it simple and scalable. Above all, it supports user authentication and gives you full control of your data within your own environment.

Here are the top highlights of the Form.IO

  • Advanced Form Builder
  • Data Management
  • OAuth Providers
  • User Management & Auth
  • Drag & Drop Interface
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Orbeon is used to generate industrial level complex forms without any technical expertise. Its platform agnostic and forms are accessible via desktop, laptops and mobiles.

It’s one of the popular open source form builder software that provides advanced features for generating web forms quickly. It follows web standards which makes it cross platform. It focuses on security and all the data is encrypted at rest.

Orbeon supports third party integration hence allows you to connect with any backend. It supports both JSON and XML format for external services to return response

Here are some of the key features for Orbeon

  • Internationalization.
  • Access control.
  • Multi page forms.
  • Server stack.
  • Liferay Support.
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OhMyForm is an open source software to generate mobile ready forms, surveys and questionaries. It follows standard web technologies and forms are easily embeddable to mobile, desktop and web apps.

OhMyForm comes with built in tools for data analysis. In other words, you can analyze all your data submissions and survey form entries. It is actively being developed. Most importantly, the developer community is working very hard to improve the product.

The top highlights of the OhMyForm are listed here

  • Export Submissions to XLS, JSON or CSV
  • Native Analytics and Google Analytics Support
  • Custom Subdomains for each User
  • Embeddable Forms
  • Forms as a Service API.
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Webiny is open source self-hosted software to build production ready full-featured forms. Its not just a form builder. But, a complete package to automate most of the online business processes.

Webiny is built on top of Node.js and GraphQL and ReactJS. Therefore, it completely supports the serverless architecture. In addition, can help you build API, A React App, A full administration app for your product, website or a mobile app quickly and easily.

Serverless architecture makes the application scalable and frees you from load and traffic related problems. Not just this it has lot more advance level features like

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Easy Data Management
  • Custom Validations
  • Third Party Integrations
  • WebHooks
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Form Tools is a powerful, flexible, free and open source PHP/MySQL script. You have to install it on your website for managing your forms and data. Moreover, FormTools comes up with a form builder interface where you can create single page and multi-page forms.

FormTools not only just let you collect data but it also let you view and analyze your data using powerful Data Visualization Module. In addition, It also let you export your data to be used by any other third-party data analyzing tools.

Along with user management and API support there is a comprehensive list of features which FormTools provides, here are some of those features

  • Built-in reCAPTCHA Support
  • Multlingual Support
  • Built-In Email Service
  • Integration For External Forms
  • Support For Google Maps
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In this blog we have reviewed the best open source online form builder software. Form.IO, Webiny and OhMyForm have good out of box solution for the third party integrations as well as a comprehensive API support. So, if you need to connect with a third party backend or need analytics built-in you can use them. If you just want to quickly setup Orbeon and FormTools are a good choice.