Email marketing software helps businesses for sending newsletter campaigns to get in touch with customers. Check out a list of open source newsletter software.

Best Email Newsletter Software

Newsletter marketing tools help businesses in email marketing and advertising campaigns to get in touch with potential customers directly. Open source newsletter software help to integrate email functions in one place along with automation of the mail sending process as well replies and queries from customers and subscribers. The best newsletters marketing tools also help to create and manage campaigns based on the email platform which involves advertisements, products and direct sales of products and services. It makes businesses to have a huge ecosystem on the mail platform to improve the output as much as it can. Some of the great features of an email newsletter marketing software include, email automation, analytics and metrics, social media management and integrations.

Open source newsletter solutions help business owners send marketing campaigns, product updates, and promotions to existing and potential customers. It also helps companies to get new customers and scale business on a large scale. We will highlight the following top open source newsletter software in this post.

1. phpList

phpList is a great free and open source newsletter software. It allows users to send newsletter campaigns to millions of subscribers within a short period. phpList is a secure, scalable, and extendable email marketing system. Further, it can be used by small to large businesses. phpList has an excellent subscribers management feature that allows companies to. Users can easily create, send campaigns, and even schedule them on any specified dates. In addition, it support plugin and users can extend the system. phpList is in PHP and uses MySQL database to store information. Therefore, all the source code is available at GitHub.

Above all, some of the important features of phpList are:

  • Manage Email Lists
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Statistics
  • Bounce Handling
  • Data Import & Export Tools

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2. Mailtrain

Mailtrain is a self-hosted newsletter solution. It is a Mailchimp clone and comes with great features. Mailtrain can be used by any type of business and capabilities to send an email campaign to any amount of audience. It allows maintaining very large lists. Further, Mailtrain enables users to add subscribers manually or import them from a CSV file. It also allows users to add subscribers through API. Mailtrain is built on Node.js, and MySQL/MariaDB. The license for this open source newsletter software is GPL-3.0 and source code is available at GitHub.

Here are some key features of Mailtrain are:

  • Subscriber list management
  • List segmentation
  • Email templates
  • Large CSV list import files
  • Send via Multiple Providers

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3. listmonk

listmonk is one of the best email newsletter software. It was designed to be a self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager tool. It is lightweight and features packed into a single binary. listmonk offers highly configurable multi-threaded, multi-SMTP email queues with high throughput for super fast distribution of the newsletter. In addition, it allows sending Whatsapp messages, SMS, FCM notifications, and many more. It allows subscribers to export complete profile data along with stats and provides full privacy for them. Further, listmonk allows S3 for storage. listmonk is built on modern technologies such as Go, VueJS, and PostgreSQL. You can find source code at GitHub.

Above all, here are the some popular features of listmonk:

  • Newsletter Manager
  • Mailing List Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Template Manager
  • S3 Storage

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4. MoonMail

MoonMail is another free and open source newsletter tool. It enables businesses to send bulk emails through Amazon SES. MoonMail is a React and Serverless Framework-based open source newsletter tool. API and Events are the two major components. Further, the Serverless Framework is used to construct the Events portion. Moreover, it is made up of microservices that are activated in response to events. It also has a REST API that can be used to integrate with other business applications. MoonMail open-source email marketing solutions is licensed under the MIT License. All the source code is available at GitHub.

On the other hand, some cool features of MoonMail include:

  • Create and store recipients in lists
  • Compile and send email campaigns
  • Parse (track) opened emails + clicked links within an email
  • Create, edit and delete campaigns
  • Schedule campaigns to be sent in the future

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5. Mailman

Mailman is an open source mailing list manager and newsletter software. It allows business owners to send marketing emails to any amount of subscribers. Mailman comes with out-of-the-box features such as managing lists, subscribers management, bounce management, and many more. Easily allows to integrates with an external SMTP server for sending emails. Mailman is developed in Python and all the source code is available at GitLab.

Above all, here are some key features of Mailman:

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Subscriber Management
  • Bounces Handling
  • List Manager
  • Automatic responder

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Other Open-source Email Marketing Solutions

Newsletter and email marketing software are very important for large scale businesses in the internet age. With the help of best business newsletters, owners keep regular contact with customers. Good newsletters examples are a pretty direct medium to market and advertise products for a small or medium sized business. The most important thing is that these are absolutely free of cost and open source, making them easily customizable and adaptable according to the business needs. Almost all the mentioned below great newsletter examples software should be sufficient to your businesses requirements.

  • Dada Mail Self-hosted with minimal dependencies on email marketing.
  • Sympa Secure perl-based open-source mailing list management software.
  • OpenEMM Feature-rich web based open source email marketing solution.
  • Mautic Open source email marketing automation platform for brands.
  • SendPortal Laravel-based open-source self-hosted brand new email marketing.


These are some of the best open source business newsletter examples. All of them are free of cost, easy to maintain, and upgrade-able to the latest version. Hope this post would help you to select the right tool for your business.

Finally, is in a consistent process of writing blog posts on further latest open source products. Therefore, stay in touch with this best Newsletters category for the latest updates.

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