What is a crypto wallet? Crypto wallet is an integral of a blockchain network. It brings transparency, trust and security into a distributed ledger technology.

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Welcome to our brand new blog post. This blog post belongs to the blockchain category in which we will cover the top 5 most widely used open source crypto wallets. In the recent past, we published many articles such as How to Set up Ethereum Node On Localhost and many more. However, we will extend the pool of our blockchain-related articles by jumping into the open source digital wallet. Cryptocurrency is getting boom gradually and a huge segment of the businesses and entrepreneurs are finding the spark in this distributed ledger technology. Therefore, open source community has observed the pulse rightly and has developed some open source free wallet software.

Open source crypto wallets are used to store, send and receive digital currency. Every wallet contains a pair of public and private keys that are unique. The public key is used as an address on which the sender sends the digital money and one wallet may have multiple public keys. These wallet programs are secure and provide encrypted channels to make sure trusted transactions. In this blog post, we will go through the most popular open source digital wallets by covering the following points.


MyEtherWallet is a free wallet software that is supported by Ethereum. It is written in javaScript and is a client-side tool for generating wallets by interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Further, this open source digital wallet is secure, trusted, and offers an intuitive web interface to access the Ethereum network and conduct transactions. In addition, MyEtherWallet offers support for the integration with the hardware wallets such as BitBox, Secalot, Keepkey, and Trezor. There is no service fee associated with this open source crypto wallet and offers offline cold transactions.

Following are the prominent features:

  • User-Friendly
  • Integration With Hardware Wallets
  • Easy Web Interface
  • Ethereum Based
  • Free to Use

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Copay is another open source digital wallet with prominent features and provisions. This free wallet software is highly secured, multi-signature, and currently supports BTC and BCH. However, this open source digital wallet is available for almost all popular platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows, MAC, and Linux. Above all, users can create backups for the wallet. In addition, it gives complete control to the users regarding keys and transactions. Further, Copay leverages Bitcoin Wallet Service for network interfacing and peer synchronization. Copay is flexible, secure and offers enterprise-level privacy to bring trust into the distributed ledger technology.

Copay has the following key features:

  • Wallet backup
  • Available For Multiple Platforms
  • Multi-Signature
  • BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic Address Generation
  • Highly Secured

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Breadwallet is another popular option among the top open source crypto wallets. This open source digital wallet is easy to use and provides direct connections with the blockchain network for fast and quick transactions. In addition, this free wallet software is developed by the Bread company and is available for mobile platforms. Moreover, it offers a logical and easy user interface where users can navigate easily. Breadwallet offers many powerful features such as anonymous transactions, support for multiple languages, and many more. Further, users do not need to signup to use this open source crypto wallet.

Breadwallet offers the following important features:

  • Customizable Widgets
  • No Regsitration Required
  • Transaction Search
  • Direct Connection with Bitcoin Blockchain
  • 24/7 Support

Blockstream Green

Blockstream Green is an open source free wallet software that is designed to send and receive BTC and liquid-based digital assets. This is one of the top open source crypto wallets that are available for multiple platforms such as Desktop and mobile devices. Blockstream Green is highly flexible and secure as it uses 2-Factor authentication against every transaction. In addition, there is a barcode mechanism for sending and receiving funds. Further, it is very simple to use and easy to set up. Further, it is multilingual and provides support for many languages such as German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, and more. Moreover, it supports integration with hardware wallets such as Jade, Lender, and Trezor.

GreenAddress comes up with the following key features:

  • Multilingual
  • 2F-Authentication
  • Multi-Signature
  • API For Developers
  • Multi-Platform


Jaxx is another alternative open source digital wallet that provides support for storing multiple digital currencies. This is one of the top open source crypto wallets that are available for multiple platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows and Linux. In addition, this free wallet software is simple to use and requires no login. Moreover, it lets wallets owners to check th balance and track the value change of their asset holdings. It has a very intuitive user interface that displays the latest trends inopen source digital wallet.

Jaxx offers the following key points:

  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Comprehensive User Interface
  • Secure
  • Multi-Platform
  • No Login


This brings us to the end of this blog post. Open source community has developed enterprise-level software for the blockchain network. In addition, there are many open source blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Ripple and many others that are mentioned in the “Explore” section below. However, this article gave you an idea about the top open source crypto wallets that are easy to use and set up. These are free, open source and users can modify them as per needs. These free wallet software lets digital currencies owners store, send and recieve funds with complete privacy and security.

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