Office productivity tools play a vital role in the automation and compilation of business’s workflows. Let’s review the top 5 open-source office software.

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Are you wondering how to improve efficiency at work? If yes, you are landed in the right place. Due to digitalization, the world is going more paperless. Hence the demand for office productivity software has increased as well. Microsoft Office has been dominating this domain for a very long time. But as the demand increases and the choice of open-source and free office software as well. There are many tasks that take place on daily basis and it requires time and cost both to perform such repetitive tasks. Organizations have to bear the extra costs and halt the overall performance eventually. In addition, it lets stakeholders set goals, track their performances and perform various analytics to make future predictions.

Moreover, managers can build shared workplaces where they can collaborate with teammates efficiently. Further, in the time of the pandemic, it gives the opportunity to work remotely. However, these free productivity tools also come up with data storage capabilities. More and more people are looking towards open source office software. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best open-source and free office productivity tools. Let’s get started

Apache OpenOffice

The Apache OpenOffice project (AOO) provides a full-featured open source office software based on open standards. It is the continuation of the project. This free office software is one of the free Microsoft Office alternatives. It’s also one of the most popular free office suites in the open-source world. Whether you want to work with text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. It’s a knockout for most of the features which Microsoft Office provides. And, that’s too 100% free. And this Microsoft office alternative is not only a free and open-source office suite, but it also runs on all platforms (Linux, Mac) not only on Windows.

Apache Open Office is developed in C++ programing language and all the source code along with the developer documentation is available on Github.


LibreOffice is an integrated open-source and free office software based on copyleft licenses and compatible with most document formats and standards. This is amongst the best free office productivity tools.

This open source office software is backed by The Document Foundation, which represents a large independent community of enterprises, developers, and other volunteers moved by the common goal of bringing to the market the best free office software.

LibreOffice is open source, and free to download, use and distribute. It’s developed in C++ programming language and you can review the source code at Github.


NeoOffice is a 100% free and open-source and free office software for macOS. This is a great Microsoft Office alternative. If you are trying to switch from Microsoft Software but something a little cheaper which is 100% free in this case, NeoOffice is a great choice for you.

NeoOffice is based on LibreOffice and OpenOffice, hence it also supports uses the OpenDocument Format (ODF), a fully open and ISO standardized file format that guarantees access to your data forever. If you are a mac user and looking for a free Microsoft Office alternative for macOS. Then, NeoOffice is a very good choice for you.

Here are some of the features of the NeoOffice

  • Native Dark Mode
  • Native Mac Text Highlighting
  • Support for Mac Services
  • Native File Locking to Safely Edit Network Files


FreeOffice is a full-featured free office suite and free version of SoftMaker Office. This open source office software is one of the best free office productivity tools. This open-source office suite includes the three main applications required for any office productivity software.

TextMaker is a free alternative to Microsoft Word, PlanMaker is a free alternative to Microsoft Excel, and Presentations is a free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Some of the highlights of FreeOffice

  • Full-featured, easy to use, compatible
  • Compatibility without compromises
  • It’s your choice: ribbons or classic menus
  • Optimized for touchscreens


Calligra Suite is an open-source and open source office software developed by KDE. It’s a collection of office productivity software linked together by a common base. This assures that all office applications can work together and also share a common look and feel. It’s one of the good open-source office alternatives available for all the major platforms. Comes with vector drawing, and database applications.

There are lots of open-source office alternative software available in the market like Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, but Calligra Suite comes with additional Vector Drawing and Visual Database App Creator Software.

Here are some of the top features of Calligra

  • Vector Drawing
  • Embeddable Objects
  • Visual Database App Creator
  • Project Management
  • Presentation Maker
  • Calculation & Spreadsheet Tool
  • Rich Document Creator
  • Movable Dockers
  • Microsoft Office File Import


This brings us to the end of this blog post. The software listed above is the best free and open source office software at the current point in time. Further, these open-source free office suites help business meet their office productivity needs. We have gone through the top 5 office productivity tools and that are answers to your question on how to improve efficiency at work? Hopefully, this blog post will help you in making the right choice if you are looking to install free office software for your business. In addition, you can find further open source office software and relevant articles mentioned in the “Explore” section below.

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