Healthcare IT systems are significantly contributing to the healthcare sector. Medical professionals are now able to respond quickly to the challenges.

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In the near past, we published some blog posts on the topics such as Top 5 Open Source Patient Health Record Software, How to install eHealth System Hospitalrun on Localhost, Features Exploration Of Medical Health Solution OpenEMR, and some more. In recent years, technology has changed the workflows in almost every field of life including the medical industry. There are many fields that are emerged just a few years ago that includes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the internet of things, and the financial sector. The health tech sector is one of these developed fields that has been completely digitalized with the advent of open-source healthcare software. However, there is a strong relationship between technology and healthcare.

Healthcare departments are even more productive and efficient than before due to the replacement of manpower with healthcare information systems. There are a number of online healthcare software that has given birth to new opportunities and possibilities in the relevant sector. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of technology and healthcare by covering the following points.

What is healthcare technology?

Healthcare technologies focus on bringing improvement in all sectors of the healthcare IT systems. There are many tools and free software to boost productivity in diagnosing any disease, treatment, and medicine. There has been a consistent innovation that gives the latest insights into health tech. These open source applications address the needs of patients and hospital management. Whereas, third-party labs can be integrated into the working processes. Healthcare is now more accessible than ever because of recent development. In addition, mobile health has facilitated this sector by bringing many health applications for smartphone users. In fact, these applications run on smartphones, tablets, and watches that inform users about their calories, exercise insights, heart rate and etc. Moreover, patients can receive health alerts and medical reports on their devices. Further, software running on the devices lets users help in formulating a healthy sleep life cycle.

What is the impact of healthcare technologies?

In this section of the technology and healthcare guide, we will go through the outcome of using open source healthcare information systems. The medical world has been revolutionized to much extent due to massive development in primary healthcare. Moreover, it has brought all stakeholders on a single shared and integrated platform where the record of every entity is centralized. Here are the following things to consider when we talk about the impact:

Better Public Health: Health record management software has provided ease in maintaining the medical record of the patients.

Time Saving: Health professionals process things more quickly with the help of healthcare IT systems. There are open source healthcare software that operates huge machines to conduct medical tests such as MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, and many more.

Lower Healthcare Cost: Automation in the health IT systems has cut the travel and paper costs of both the patients and healthcare workers.

Increased Efficiency: Apart from managing patient records, there are powerful analytical and charting tools to visualize patient’s health data.

Improved Patient Satisfaction: Online healthcare software enable physicians to share patients’ treatment histories with other physicians. So that, they can precisely focus on prescribing medicine. Further, health tech has brought ease and cut the gaps between technology and healthcare.

Types of primary healthcare software

In this section of the technology and healthcare article, we will go through some of the following popular types of healthcare software that are available. Open source community has developed many open source healthcare software that address the needs of various aspects of the healthcare industry.

Medical Research Software: This type of software is being used for research sharing about the latest development in treatments and patients’ medical behavior. There are platforms that are decentralized and provide a shared dashboard that show healthcare data from various data sources.

Electronic Health Record Software: Hospitals and labs make intense use of EHR software. In addition to that, this software manages complete details about doctors’ prescriptions, patients’ health, and other procedures.

Medical Diagnosis Software: This software is usually AI-based and helps doctors to diagnose the symptoms of any disease. These healthcare information systems are quick, efficient, and deliver high-quality neuroscience imaging, cardiac imaging and etc.

Appointment Scheduling Software: Using this software, patients can book appointments from their homes. It helps hospitals, clinics, and patients to manage their appointments in the best available time slots.

E-prescribing software: Practitioners can generate, modify or cancel any prescription using this software. Further, it provides ease in managing a large number of patients’ medical histories.


This comes to the end of this blog post. This article describes the importance of technology in the medical field and we have gone through what is healthcare technology. There are further developments and innovations in the way to enrich the health IT systems. This blog post has covered many aspects of technology and healthcare. Further, there are open source healthcare software that provide remote assistance to the medical practitioners where they can conduct a medical check-up of those patients who cannot visit the clinics physically. In addition, remote tools can cut the traveling cost along with many other expenses. This blog post can really help you if you are looking to install an open source healthcare information system for your business. You can find a list of open source healthcare software mentioned in the “Explore” section below.

Finally, will publish articles on further open source online healthcare software. Therefore, please stay in touch with this Healthcare Technologies category for regular updates.


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