Automate customer service tasks, manage complex support tickets and measure performances using a free helpdesk software. Let’s go through OsTicket & UVdesk.

OsTicket vs UVdesk


Welcome to another new blog post in the series of open source helpdesk software. In the recent past, we have published very interesting articles on the topics such as How To Develop osTicket Plugin | IT HelpDesk software, Automate ticketing system using WordPress and osTicket, and some more. However, if you are a well-established business or a small startup, your business can leverage an open source ticketing system. There are various aspects that we can explore of how free helpdesk software can give a competitive edge to your business. In huge organizations, there are multiple products with thousands and millions of users using those products. Therefore, there can be a huge pool of support tasks that may occur on daily basis. Some could come with high priority and require urgent actions.

So, an open source ticketing system addresses the issues in an efficient and manageable way. It helps managers and employees create, manage, and respond to support tickets easily. Further, employees can communicate with the other mates over the progress of these tasks in a traceable way. In this blog post, we will compare OsTicket vs UVdesk by covering the following points.

What is OsTicket?

OsTicket is one of the most widely used open source helpdesk software. This open source ticketing system is highly configurable and comes with self-hosting capabilities. In addition, it lets you respond to the support tickets easily, communicate with the concerned colleagues efficiently and swiftly via email, phone calls, and web forms. There is an inquiries management module that comes with an easy-to-use control panel where users can generate customized reports using the reporting tool. Further, there is a huge plugins base that enhances the customer support experience to the utmost level.

Above all, this open source ticketing system has many features such as a customization control panel, ticket filters, autoresponders,s and many more. This free helpdesk software is written in PHP, comes with comprehensive documentation regarding development and deployment. Therefore, you can clone the source code of OsTicket from Github.

A brief overview of UVdesk

In this section, we will review UVdesk helpdesk software. It is another alternative open source helpdesk software that comes with multi-channel support and ticket creation capabilities. UVdesk also offers report generating tools and integration with third-party applications. In addition, open source ticketing system provides many enterprise-level features that include e-mail collaboration, ticket management, ticket forwarding, reporting, knowledge base management, and more. UVdesk is extensible and offers integrations with popular apps such as Gmail, Hotmail, Amazon, eBay, and many more. As far as the under interface is concerned, it offers a simple UI where users can navigate through elements easily.

Further, it is secure, fast, and easy to set up on servers as it requires easy and simple requirements such as PHP, MYSQL, and Nginx. UVdesk is written in PHP, JavaScript comes with comprehensive documentation regarding development and deployment. Therefore, you can clone the source code of this open source helpdesk software from Github.

OsTicket vs UVdesk

In this section of the blog post, we will go through OsTicket vs UVdesk. You have gone through what is OsTicket and UVdesk as we have mentioned in their brief introductions above. Therefore, we will try to compare these two open source helpdesk software regarding their features and business use cases. As it is clear now that both of these open source ticketing systems offer competitive features. However, let’s jump on to the following key features.

Community Standing: Firstly, we will see how these two open source helpdesk software stands in the community, and fortunately, both of these ticketing solutions are well-reputed in the community. OsTicket has 1.4k forks and 2.3k stars on its Github repo. Whereas, UVdesk has 249 forks with 779 stars on its Github repo. Therefore, you can find immense supportive documentation for both giants.

Tech Stack: If we talk about the technologies used to build these free helpdesk software, both are built using almost the same stack that is PHP and MYSQL. Therefore, it is quite helpful for the developers who wish to extend it regarding new features.

Extensibility: Both UVdesk and OsTicket are extensible and offer integrations with third-party applications. Whereas, UVdesk is taking the lead, and let’s make connections with some popular platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and more.

Features: When we talk about the features of these open source ticketing systems, both of them offer professional and enterprise-level features. UVdesk offers knowledgebase, reporting tool, form builder, customizations, translation support, automated workflows, and more. On the other side, OsTicket comes up with assign/transfer tickets, customizable customer support portal, auto-reply, ticket filter, and more.


This brings us to the end of this block post. Hopefully, it will help you in making the right choice while exploring open source, self-hosted, and free helpdesk software. We have gone through some critical topics such as what is OsTciket, the introduction of UVdesk and have also drawn a comparison about OsTicket vs UVdesk. There are many other relevant blog posts mentioned in the “Explore” section below. In addition, it is high time to deploy enterprise-level helpdesk software for your business to automate customer support tasks and responses.

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