Generate smooth & appealing animations using 2D, 3D graphics. Let’s explore widely used open-source animation tools OpenToonz, Krita and compare their features.

opentoonz vs krita


Welcome to another blog post in the series of open source animation software. In the recent past, we have published some articles on interesting topics such as Synfig vs Pencil2D | Animation Software Synfig Review, Top 5 Open Source Animation Software In 2021, and more. As technology is evolving with the passage of time, it is highly affecting every aspect of doing business. There has been an immense change in the marketing strategies due to the versatile nature of audience-grabbing techniques. Online presence businesses are inevitable now and you have to adopt the latest ways to target your audience.

Therefore, open source community has developed many enterprise-level open source animation tools that enable you to generate 2D and 3D animations for your business websites. In fact, marketing based on eye-catching animations make your content more interesting and increases the visitor return rate. In addition, it helps to maintain the user retention rate and conveys the brand slogan in a simplified and quick way. However, we will complete this OpenToonz vs Krita blog post by coving the following points.

What is Krita?

Krita is an enterprise-level open source animation software for artists to produce highly interesting visuals for their business websites and other online platforms. This open source animation tool is extensible and comes with self-hosting capabilities. Krita is cross-platform and is supported on almost all popular platforms such as Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android. In addition, it has also a Google Chrome extension available for professionals to create 2D animations. This 2D animation software comes up with a user-friendly interface with all the required tools for the designers.

However, this open source animation software are equipped with a well-designed set of brushes with rich controls. Moreover, there are multiple different drawing assistants, customizable onion skinning, and it lets you add text to animations. Krita is easy to set up on servers and is written in C++. Therefore, it has comprehensive documentation regarding development and deployment. So, you can find all the source code files on Github.

Brief introduction of OpenToonz

In this section of the OpenToonz vs Krita blog post, we will go through another open source animation software OpenToonz. This 2D animation software comes up with a stack of rich plugins that offers engaging effects. In addition, this open source animation tool is easy to set up and provides self-hosting capabilities. Moreover, this free animation generator is also cross-platform and is supported for macOS and Windows. Further, it lets you overlap images to create new images, and you can also change the incident light with the help of the affected incident light effect.

OpenToonz is written in C++ along with input from other languages such as C and HTML. Therefore, developers can find documentation regarding development and deployment. In fact, you can find the source code files on the Github repo.

OpenToonz vs Krita

So far, we have gone through the brief intro of OpenToonz and we do know what is Krita? Further, we will cover the following points to draw a comparison between OpenToonz vs Krita.


This characteristic is vital while choosing among any software. Fortunately, both of these open source animation software come with cross-platform capabilities and are supported on almost all popular platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.


This is another top most important step to know about the features of any particular open source software. Therefore, OpenToonz offers a feature tracking system, plugin API, remote camera control, pen stabilization, vectorize raster images, and more. As far as Krita is concerned, this open source animation tool also provides many enterprise-level features that include 9 interesting brush engines, mirroring tools, a pop-up palette, better layer management, texture pack, and more. Likewise, you can explore their features further yourself.

Tech Stack

When it comes to self-host open source software, then it is highly important to have a strong eye on the tech stack. Therefore, Krita and OpenToonz are written in C++ and come up with almost similar requirements to set up.

Community Standing

As far as OpenToonz is concerned, it has 3.4k stars and 400 plus forks on its Github repo. On the other hand, Krita has 3.7k stars and 300 plus forks on its Github repo. However, both of these open source animation software have good supporting documentation and an alive developers community.


This is another very critical aspect when it comes to opting for open source software for your business. Therefore, both of these 2D animation software are extensible and offer customizations. Whereas, OpenToonz offers plugins for the needed functionality and it lets you develop further plugins and integrate with this open source animation software. Therefore, there are vibrant and alive developer communities that actively respond to user queries.


This brings us to the end of this OpenToonz vs Krita blog post. Hopefully, it will help you in making the right choice between these two open source animation software. We have gone through some important topics in this article such as What is Krita? and a brief intro of OpenToonz. There are some other interesting open source animation tools and articles enlisted in the “Explore” section below that you may check out.

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