This integration improves productivity by allowing instant messaging from a WordPress site. It empowers to communicate with customers and team mates.

Wordpress Instant Messaging Solution Using

Rocket.Chat team offers a free open source plugin for WordPress instant messaging and live chat from within WordPress. WordPress and Rocket.Chat integration allows your customers to chat with you directly and instantly. This makes it easy to manage incoming inquiries either by yourself or by assigning them to your agents.

Rocket.Chat Live Chat plugin works with a 100% open source chat server. This is a cost effective self hosted solution with all the flexibility and control you may desire to instantly communicate with your customers. As a result, secrecy of your communication data is ensured and there is no need to worry about any monthly subscription fees to have Live Chat on your website.

We will cover following sections in this blog post:


WordPress and Rocket.Chat integration allows you to put live chat widget on WordPress based sites. WordPress live chat enables the customers to collaborate with your support or sales agents in real time with a single click. The instant communication helps customers quick resolution of their inquiries and expedites decision making. Hence this solution can help you win new customers with quicker turn around as well as improve satisfaction and loyalty of existing customers.


  • Free audio conferencing
  • Free video conferencing
  • Guest access
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Live chat
  • Team chat
  • Real-Time translation

Plugin Installation:

  1. Go to admin dashboard of your WordPress site.
  2. Then move to plugins.
  3. Then install following plugin: Rocket.Chat LiveChat
  4. After that activate the plugin.
  5. After successful installation, go to settings.
  6. Look for “Rocket.Chat LiveChat” section.
  7. After that enter complete URL of your Rocket.Chat installation.
  8. Finally save the settings.
Wordpress Instant Messaging Solution Using

Final Thoughts:

WorPress and Rocket.Chat integration builds trust and relationships with your customers through real-time conversations. WordPress instant messaging can provide a quick boost to your business. Communicate to your customers using live chat feature. Also you can collaborate with your team mates using team chat feature. This will improve productivity by discussing and sharing ideas with real-time chat.


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