Single set of credentials for multiple applications. SSO system simplifies the identification process by providing ease of use while singing into many servers.

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We recently published a blog post on Top 5 Open Source Single Sign-On Software In the Year 2021 that gives a brief introduction of top SSO system. In this blog post, we will cover the following points.

What is SSO technology?

Single Sign-On is an identification and authentication software that enables you to login using third-party sites. SSO software acts as an identity provider so that you can log in to multiple sites with a single set of usernames/passwords. However, it is a one-time login mechanism and the SSO system makes sure the authenticity of the users.

Moreover, this system has been widely used on small and enterprise-level to manage user’s identities across multiple applications. There are many open-source Single Sign-On software available that use popular authorization protocols such as OpenID OpenID, SAML, and OAuth.

How Single Sign-on(SSO) works?

The working mechanism of open source Single Sign-On is straight. The user enters credentials in the login form, the user will be moved on upon successful completion of SSO authentication. Now, whenever a user visits any site that is integrated with any SSO solution, the system will check either user is already logged in or not. Further, if the user is already logged in, the server will issue a tracker/token and this token/tracker will be used to make sure your authentication across multiple applications. Along with SSO capabilities, it also provides user management and security features as mentioned below.

  • Easy To Use
  • Federated Identity
  • Seamlessness
  • OAuth v2 Protocol
  • User Management
  • OpenID & OpenID Connect Protocol
  • 2F Authentication
  • Flexible
  • Password Management
  • Authentication / Authorization

Business use cases of SSO system

In this section, we will observe some core business use cases of Single Sign-On. Therefore, a ****centralized authentication system provides better user management, security, and flexibility. Here are the following business applications of SSO system.

Reduces Password Fatigue: SSO software reduces time and hassle for both organizations and employees. Users do not need to enter credentials again and again. In addition, there is less burden on support teams where they do not need to worry about password/username management across multiple apps.

Centralized Authentication: The best thing that the SSO system comes up with is a central point of authentication.

Security: Moreover, this software system offers tight security with the help of two-factor authorization along with other security protocols.

Flexible: Company admins can link employees and resources with a single set of credentials. Moreover, admins can customize according to the needs as they can automate access management.

Identity Protection: Above all, Single Sign-On software uses two factor and multi-factor authentication to make sure the integrity and security of the sensitive data.


SSO system is a great comfort for enterprises as it provides one point of control over identity across many apps. So, there are a number of open source Single Sign-On software available that offer powerful features.

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