Plausible is a business intelligence software that lets you track important business insights and data analytics. Let’s learn how to install it on WordPress.

WordPress Analytics Plugin


Do you have a business website? Are you looking to track, analyze critical business insights? You are landed on the right place where you will not only know about a professional open source business intelligence software but also, will learn how to install the WordPress analytics plugin Plausible. This is another blog post in the series on Business Intelligence Software. In the recent past, we have published articles on the topics such as How to Install Matomo For WordPress | WordPress Tutorial, Top 5 Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Of 2021, and some more. These articles give you a detailed overview of their features and usage.

In fact, there are millions of websites running over the internet and millions of people visit them in different ways. Therefore, it is very important for website owners to know about the site traffic in detail. The only way to get these data insights is through Google Analytics or some other similar tools. However, open source community has developed some BI tools that are considered Google Analytics alternative, and Plausible is one of them. In this blog post, we will learn how to install Plausible by covering the following points.

What is Plausible?

In this section, we will come to know about the Plausible analytics software. Plausible is a lightweight, free and open source business intelligence software that comes with self-hosting capabilities. It is highly configurable, privacy-focused, and completely compliant with international privacy laws. Further, this WordPress analytics plugin is cookie-less and offers provisions for the site owners to understand site visitors. In addition, it does not support personal data collection and cross-site tracking. Above all, Plausible offers an installation script just like Google Analytics and this installation script is 45 times lighter than Google Analytics’s script. Moreover, this Google Analytics alternative offers a wide range of features that includes unlimited websites, campaign tracking, Privacy oriented, and many more.

However, this BI tool provides an intuitive dashboard that lets you track trends, custom events, and 404 pages. Plausible is easy to set up and offers Docker image too. It is written in Elixir, JavaScript, and comes up with comprehensive documentation regarding development and deployment. Developers can avail its source code from Github.

How to Install WordPress analytics plugin Plausible?

In the section of this Plausible WordPress integration tutorial, we will go through the installation steps.

Firstly, make sure you have your WordPress website up and running. Secondly, you have the access to the WordPress admin dashboard where we will install the WordPress analytics plugin. Plausible is a very renowned business intelligence software and users can find it in WordPress’s plugin pool easily. On the other hand, WordPress owns a huge stack of enterprise-level plugins that address the needs of every business department.

Now, open your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins, and press the “Add New” button. After that, go into the search bar, type “Plausible” and you will find the Plausible Analytics plugin first in the first position as shown in the image below.

WordPress Analytics Plugin

Then, press the “Install now” button and hit activate to activate the plugin. Once installation and activation are completed, you can find the Plausible Analytics under the “Settings” tab as shown in the image below.

google analytics alternative

Plausible Analytics Plugin Dashboard

Further, you will see the Plausible configuration page if you hit the Plausible Analytics option. You can see various configurations where you will register your domain name with Plausible and Plausible will give you the code. After that, you will insert that tracking code in your DNS configuration so that you can track your pages and fetch visitors’ behavior and interactions. So, this open source business intelligence software gives you the provision to view the site statistics from the WordPress dashboard. You can also on or off the tracking analytics for the administrator. In addition, you can report bugs in case you find any and go through its complete documentation. You can find the documentation button right on the top of the configuration page.

business intelligence software

Moreover, there is also an option for the site configuration if you self-host this open source Google Analytics alternative. Similarly, you can explore it further by yourself and see what other features it offers to its users. Once you are done with script installation, you can start viewing the business data insights that come through this open source business intelligence software.


This brings us to the end of this Plausible WordPress integration tutorial. Hopefully, this blog post helped you in learning about Plausible regarding its features, installation steps, and usage. we have gone through important sub-topics such as what is Plausible, and the installation steps of this WordPress analytics plugin. In this fast-growing age of technology, BI tools have become a must-have component of a successful business. organizations cannot avoid this integral part as such tools always give your business a competitive edge. Further, you can find relevant links in the “Explore” section below where you will find open source business intelligence software. This blog post will surely help you if you are looking to install free and open source business intelligence software for your business website.

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