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In the near past, some articles were published on the game development software category that includes How Global Gaming Industry Leveraging Open Source Software and GDevelop Tutorial For Beginners To Start Game Development. Video game development is so much more spread across the globe with the increasing demand for entertaining games. However, it involves the idea, design development, continuous testing, releases, and feedback. In other words, it involves designers, software architects, programmers, testers, and support resources. In addition, there are many types of games such as action games, puzzle games, racing games, cognitive games, and some more.

Therefore, a good game development guide is much needed in order to start getting started with any 3D game builder. The open-source community has developed many game development software that offer enterprise-level features and utilities to develop 3D & 2D games. This HTML5 game development tutorial will explore how to develop a video game using the free video game development software Superpowers by covering the following points.

What is Superpowers

Superpowers is an open source software for video game development. It is flexible, robust, and extensible. However, it offers support for animations, 3D models, and a wide range of game examples. Moreover, it also comes with an offline version where users can build games without any internet connectivity. Publishing any project is amazingly easy and all that happens with a single click. There is an intuitive dashboard for the users where users can navigate through various elements easily. Above all, there is a very cool that is live error reporting where it shows the error to the developer to avoid any ambiguity or bug. Superpowers is easy to set up and requires easy requirements to host on servers Further, this 3D game builder is written in TypeScript and comes with all the documentation regarding development and deployment. Therefore, all the source code is available at Github.

Superpowers offers the following key points:

  • Live Error Reporting
  • Multilingual
  • Cross-Platform
  • Rich Font & Sound Effects
  • Self-Hosted

How To Set up On Localhost?

If you are still wondering how to develop a video game then in this part of the article we will learn how to set up Superpowers on localhost. In this section, this game development guide will elaborate on the process of setting up the game development environment.

First of all, make sure you have installed the following pre-requisites before starting video game development:

  • Git
  • npm
  • Node.js

The above-mentioned requirements are easy and very known so it will not be a tough task for beginners. Once the above requirements are installed, open the terminal and run the following command to clone the source code:

git clone superpowers/core

After a successful clone, go into the downloaded directory by running the following command:

cd superpowers/core

Now, run the following command to clone the Superpowers games system:

git clone --recursive systems/game

After that, run the following command to make the build:

npm run build

Upon a successful build, start the server by running the following command:

node server start
HTML5 Game Development Tutorial

Now open the browser and access the application at the following link:

<a href="http://localhost:4237/">http://localhost:4237/</a>

Dashboard of Superpowers?

Upon hitting the above URL, you will see the following home page. There are options for modifying or creating a new empty or 2D Platformer project.

Video Game Development

Moving forward on the question of how to develop a video game, you will see the following screen after creating a 2D Platformer. You can see the options on the left-hand side of the window such as creating scenes, setting the tile, the game map, and the player. There is a live coding option where you can code the user’s behavior.

video game development

Further, there is a setting bar on the left-hand side where you can set the animations, rendering, uploading, or downloading the image. On the left-hand side, there is an option to add more assets to your project as shown in the image below. It includes a 3D model Cubic model, Fint option if want to modify the font. In addition, users can add further scenes, scripts, shaders, and sprites. Moreover, this open source 3D game builder also lets you add various sound effects into the games to attract gamers with the best possible game sound effects. Last but not least, it also enables you to add tile map and tile sets.

video game design

Likewise, after going through this gaming article, you can explore it further and make use of all the features. Further, you will be able to understand how to go ahead using Superpowers video game builder. There is online support available for this game development software.


This brings an end to this HTML5 game development guide. Hopefully, this blog post will help you if you are keen to start video game development. We have explored what is superpowers, how to develop a video game, which is an open source 3D game builder and we also have gone through its installation procedure on localhost. There are many open source video game design apps that let users build games from scratch. Video game programmers use essential game design principles to build high-quality games. You will learn more about building 2D & 3D games in our coming articles at There are other open source, self-hosted 3D game builders and relevant articles mentioned in the “Explore” section below.

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