Are you looking to modernize repetitive actions? Here is an AI-powered OpenAI GPT-3 NLP model that offers a wide range of features for Google Docs automation.

Google Docs Integration with ChatGPT


Recently launched ChatGPT has become a buzzword in the technology world. Some people are in favor and consider this AI chatbot a threat to productivity and transparency. Well, is writing about the usage and integrations of this OpenAI GPT-3 model. In fact, Google Docs is a great tool for writing and data representation. Another hand, the advent of ChatGPT is a conversation AI tool that responds to natural language queries in a conversational manner. This AI tool is based on Machine Learning and is developed by OpenAI. However, this blog post is about ChatGPT and Google in which we will learn how to achieve Google Docs Integration with ChatGPT. Undoubtedly, we can bring Google Docs automation by installing the ChatGPT add-on into our Google Docs.

We will go through the following points in this blog post:

How to obtain the OpenAI API key?

Just to give you a little introduction, OpenAI is a company that focuses on the research & development of Artificial Intelligence tools. ChatGPT is also developed and launched by OpenAI whereas, OpenAI has developed a series of GPT models.

First, you need to create an account on OpenAI’s platform and then log in. Once you are logged in, you will land on the API Keys page where you can generate an API key by clicking the button “Create new secret key” as shown below.

openAI API key

Copy the newly generate OpenAI API key and save it so that you can use it for Google Docs Integration.

Let’s do Google Docs Integration with ChatGPT

The installation procedure of this conversational AI tool is quite easy. Click “Extensions-Add-ons->Get add-ons” and you will see the Google Workspace Marketplace page. Now, write ChatGPT in the search bar, select the option “ChatGPT in Sheets and Docs” click the first option and install it as seen in the image below:

chatgpt and google

It will seek your permission to access your Google account so perform this step to complete the installation. Next, click “Extensions->GPT for Sheets and Docs->Set API Key” to set up the API key so that you can enable Google Docs Integration with ChatGPT as shown in the image below:

conversational ai tool

Finally, the OpenAI GPT-3 has been installed in your Google Docs and you can start leveraging Google Docs automation.

Start using ChatGPT and Google Docs

It is time to start using this Google Docs Automation. Fur this purpose, a new tab will be opened by clicking “Extensions->App Script”. Now, copy and paste the following code into the code editor.

In the core above, replace the “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” with your OpenAI API key. Next, save the file and click “Run” placed on the top center of the code editor, and close the window.

Go back to the Google Docs window and you will see a new menu item “ChatGPT” in the menu bar. You can modify the code as per your requirements but in this example, you have various functionalities such as generating Images, tagline, and synonyms shown in the image below:

Google Docs Integration with ChatGPT

In the example above, we wrote a word and asked ChatGPT to generate a tagline, image, and synonym and it successfully performed the tasks.


To conclude, we can safely say that you have learned how to achieve Google Docs Integration with ChatGPT. Further, we have seen how to generate the OpenAI API key and set it up to enable OpenAI GPT-3 functions. This Google Docs automation can seriously benefit your business tasks. In addition, do not forget to visit the links enlisted in the “See Also” section below.

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