Hospital management system is an essential part of healthcare establishments. HospitalRun provides data control, access-based roles and revenue management.

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Open source healthcare software has gained immense popularity in the recent past. Firstly, it is due to the advancement in technology. Secondly, COVID-19 influenced the medical industry in all ways and gave birth to a new opportunity for the open source community. It is highly important to provide top-quality healthcare services to the patients when the whole world is passing through a crucial time. Luckily, several open source health records management solutions are available that provide data centralizations, transparency, security, integrations, and many other powerful features. These free healthcare services offer smooth management of workflows such as doctors, patients, clinics, and other staff members. Recently, has published some articles on open source hospital information management systems that include Top 5 Open Source Patient Health Record Software, Features Exploration Of Medical Health Solution OpenEMR, and How Online Healthcare Software Empowers Healthcare Industry.

In the past, we wrote an article that describes the setting up procedure of HospitalRun on localhost. In this blog post, we will explore HospitalRun further by covering the following points.

Why HospitalRun?

There are many reasons behind the popularity of this medical record manager. HospitalRun is a complete electronic health record and hospital information system. It supports both offline and online versions. It lets you integrate clinics and provides data syncing. Moreover, it is multilingual, cross-platform, and comes up with self-hosting capabilities. This patient record system offers patient record management, appointment scheduling, medications, and prescription management. There is also a provision to generate custom reports that contain complete diagnostic details. In addition, medical staff members can take assistance from the patient discharge module. Above all, this hospital management system offers management of accidental and emergency cases. It is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. However, this medical record management system is completely written in JavaScript and all the source code is available on Github with documentation regarding development and deployment.

Patients and Scheduling Modules

In this section, we will go through the dashboard of this hospital information management system. Once you log in, you will land on the dashboard of HospitalRun as shown in the image below.

medical record manager

On the top right-hand side, there are two options. Firstly, settings in which users can choose a language such as English, Italian, Turkish and more. Secondly, there is an option to create a new Patient Record, New Appointment, Request Medication, Request Lab, New Imaging Request, and Report Incident.

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There are multiple options such as Patients, Scheduling, Medications, Labs, Imagings and Incidents on the left-hand side. In the Patients module, you can add new patient records and see the list of already added patients. This free medical record manager lets users record complete patient records such as name, address, contact, patient type, and other basic details. In the patient list, there is a search bar also where users can search the patients in the list. Further, in the scheduling module, medical workers can schedule an appointment. The interface of this module is shown in the image below.

hospital information management system

The interface shows the scheduled appointments. Further, users can apply filters to see the number of appointments per day, per week, and per month. There is an option on the top right corner where healthcare officials can book a new appointment. Medical Officials can insert appointment details such as start date, end date, reason, and more.

Lab Integration and Medications

This section describes the functionalities of two prominent modules of this free healthcare software. The medication module lets users add data against medication in which they can set the medication priority such as Routine, Urgent, or Asap. Similarly, there is a medication requests list where officials can search by filters.

medical record management system

In the Lab module, healthcare officers can request lab by inserting patient information, visit, and type. Along with that, healthcare workers can add an additional note. Similarly, there are filters in the Lab Requests option where users can perform search features.

Imaging and Incidents

Imaging is about creating a visual representation of something by scanning with an electromagnetic field. HospitalRun offers management of imaging records. Moreover, It lets users create new imaging requests, and this module is linked with the patient’s module as other modules are interlinked with one another. Similarly, users can see the list of imaging requests. Next, in the Incidents module, officials can report an incident by inserting the details. Therefore, users can see the list of already reported incidents. There is a graphical representation of incidents also available in the last as shown in the image below.

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This is the end of this blog post. In fact, most of the health institutions depend on manual operations. It could be vulnerable with respect to data security and integrity. However, automated systems make sure the basic and most critical aspects of routine healthcare operations. Therefore, the installation of a good open-source medical record manager protects your assets from unauthorized sources and helps you perform routine tasks with ease and confidence. These open source software synchronize multiple entities such as doctors, patients, clinics, labs and make the workflow easier. The bottom line is, it is high time to adopt an open source software for your hospital or clinic to coup with the latest challenges. You can save your time and efforts and focus on important, critical tasks.

Finally, is writing articles on further open source products. Therefore, please stay in touch with the healthcare technologies category for regular news and updates.


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