OpenShot is an award-winning free video editor & blender that supports powerful built-in video sequence editing capabilities. Let’s compare both video editors.

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Welcome to another interesting blog post in which we are going through the comparison of video editing software OpenShot and Blender. We have published tutorial articles on both of these video editors such as Blender Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners and Video Editing Tutorial | Free OpenShot Video Editor. Well, it had been a huge task to make engaging video content in the past as it required powerful hardware, software support, and man effort. But now, the software industry is much more mature and equipped that you can find many video editing software that requires less effort, machine support, and generate enterprise video content for the businesses.

In fact, producing video content is just one factor whereas, the management and security of the video content are critical aspects. Despite, free and open source video software there are still many enterprise-level solutions that are paid and offer rich features that might not be available in free software. However, to address the appetite of mid-range businesses, open source community has developed some really exceptional video editing software. In this blog post, we will go through the comparison of video editing software by covering the following points.

What is Blender?

Blender video editing software is one of the top leading open source video editing solutions. It is based on cycles render engine and offers a built-in video sequence editor. Blender is secure, extensible and comes up with self-hosting capabilities. Further, there are many powerful features available in this free software such as live preview, video cuts, video masking, audio mixing, transitions, speed control and many more. This video editor is easy to set up and requires few requirements to set up on the server. In addition, it is written in c++, all the documentation is available regarding development and deployment. Therefore, you can find the source code of the Blender video editor at Github.

What is OpenShot?

In this section, we will have a precise review of OpenShot. OpenShot is another enterprise video editing software. It is multilingual and offers support for multiple languages. Further, it offers a RESTful interface for third-party integrations and video template editing. There are provisions for the users to add subtitles and animations in the videos. However, there are many powerful exciting features such as trim & slicing capabilities, rich 2D, 3D animations, multiple video effects, a user-friendly user interface, and many more. OpenShot is easy to host as it offers self-hosting capabilities. In addition, it is written in Python, all the documentation is available regarding development and deployment. Therefore, you can find the source code of the OpenShot video editor at Github.

Comparison of Blender & OpenShot

In this section of a blog post, we will look into the comparison of video editing software Blender and OpenShot by exploring their features and extensibility. Let’s cover the following points.


As far as the support and community are concerned, Blender video editing software and OpenShot video editor both have a very vibrant and alive community that offers 24/7 support to address bugs and feature requests. Further, if we see the stats on Github, Blender has 4k stars and 700 plus forks. Whereas, there are 2.5k stars and 300 plus forks for OpenShot. Users can find much-helping material and documentation to modify these software.

Platform Compatibility

This characteristic of any software makes it highly adaptable among the users. Both of these open source video editors provide support for almost all popular platforms that include Windows, macOS and Linux.

Tech Stack

Blender is written in C++ and requires Xcode for setting up on the server. Whereas, OpenShot is written in Python with a little input of other languages too such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


This is the most important aspect of any open source software. Fortunately, both of these solutions are highly extensible and configurable. Further, OpenShot offers REST API so that developers can extend its functionality as per requirements.


First, the OpenShot video editor offers rich animations, effects, and background audio. Moreover, it is multilingual and offers good trimming and scaling capabilities. On the other side, Blender video editing software offers 3D modeling, audio mixing, chroma key, live preview, and comes with powerful rendering capabilities along with layer adjustments as it is based on cycles render engine. Both of these free solutions are easy to set up and learn. In addition, both the software provide a user-friendly and logical user interfaces where users can navigate among the elements easily.


This brings us to the end of this blog post. In this guide, we have gone through the comparison of video editing software Blender, OpenShot along with important topics such as what is Blender and what is OpenShot. In fact, video marketing is increasing day by day as it has the maximum reach and conversion rate. So, businesses are in need to manage and produce great engaging video content for their products and services. Now, it is on you which option you go for either Blender video editing software on OpenShot video editor. However, this blog post will really help you if you are looking to opt for an open source video editing software for your business. Therefore, there are many other video editors and tutorial blog posts mentioned in the “Explore” section below.

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