CiviCRM vs SuiteCRM


Welcome to another brand new blog post in the series of Marketing Automation software. In the recent past, we published articles on some interesting topics such as How to Setup Mautic Campaigns Using Campaign Builder, Marketing Automation with Mautic and WooCommerce Integration, and more. However, we will go through the two most widely used free automation software CiviCRM vs SuiteCRM. With the passage of time, marketing strategies are evolving at a high pace. It has become highly important to reach the market at the most appropriate time to capture the market. In addition, people are so keen to follow the things that are in trend.

Therefore, an enterprise-level open source marketing automation tool is now a must-have component of businesses. There are many repetitive marketing-related tasks that occur on daily basis and consume manpower and other efforts. In fact, there are many other free software available for free marketing automation that you can find in this space. These open source marketing software not only automates the marketing tasks but also gather data of visitors based on their activities. Moreover, free automation software help businesses in terms of revenue, sales, and nurturing leads. Let’s cover the following points and go through the critical aspects of CiviCRM and SuiteCRM.

What is CiviCRM?

This constituent relationship management software is open source, free, and comes with self-hosting capabilities. CiviCRM is highly extensible and offers integration with the most widely used content management software, blogging software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. This free automation software is rich-features and comes with reporting tools to generate various reports. In addition, it lets you set up advocacy campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, event management, and case management.  

This marketing automation tool is easy to set up and requires simple requirements to set it up on servers that include PHP and MySQL. Above all, it offers highly efficient features such as quick search, custom data sets, interaction tracking, online event registration, accept payments, event reports, and many more. Further, it lets you apply filters on data, sends gifts to friends & family, and offers provision to save reports in different formats. Moreover, CiviCRM is written in PHP along with input from other languages such as JavaScript and HTML. Therefore, you can find source code files on Github.

Brief introduction of SuiteCRM

In this section of the CiviCRM vs SuiteCRM blog post, we will briefly go through another popular open source SuiteCRM. This free automation software is alternative to Salesforce and comes with self-hosting capabilities. It lets you achieve free marketing automation in highly efficient and traceable ways. There are many features available such as finance management, template quotations, contract renewals servicing, Q&A support, flexible workflow, customer self-service, and more. It is highly extensible and offers integrations with third-party applications. Moreover, SuiteCRM is also written in PHP and is easy to set up on servers. Therefore, you can find the source code files on Github.

CiviCRM vs SuiteCRM

So far, we have gone through what is CiviCM and have also looked into SuiteCRM. Now, we will draw a comparison between these two open source free automation software. so, let’s look into the following points to cover this CiviCRM vs SuiteCRM article.


This is the most crucial task when it comes to choosing any software for the business. Fortunately, both of these free automation software offer a rich stack of features for the users. Both of them are web-based and suitable for any level of business. CiviCRM offers integrations with popular platforms and is easy to use for free marketing automation. This marketing automation tool offers online customer support along with video tutorials. Further, it offers templates for custom reports, gift acknowledgment automation, and many more. On the other hand, SuiteCRM offers customer support via phone, online, and knowledge base. This free automation software also comes with a wide range of features that include billing, invoicing, ROI calculator, and more.

Teck Stack

This is another important aspect when you are going to opt for an open-source software. CiviCRM and SuiteCRM are written in PHP and require almost similar requirements to deploy on local or cloud servers.

Community Standing

As far as CiviCRM is concerned, it has 436 stars and 748 forks on its Github repo. On the other hand, SuiteCRM has 2.8K stars and 1.6k forks. Both of these marketing automation tools provide comprehensive documentation regarding deployment and development.


Last but not least, SuiteCRM and CiviCRM are highly configurable and offer integration with third-party applications that include some enterprise-level apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and more. Moreover, you can add new features as per need and approach developers’ community that is vibrant and respond to queries actively.

Likewise, you can explore further aspects and features of CiviCRM and SuiteCRM.


This brings us to the end of this CiviCRM vs SuiteCRM blog post. We have covered some important topics in this article such as what is CiviCRM, a brief introduction of SuiteCRM, and a comparison of both of these marketing automation tools. In addition, there are other free automation software and relevant articles enlisted in the “Explore” section below that you may check out. Moreover, this blog post will surely help you if you are seriously looking to opt for an open source software to automate your business marketing.

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