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What is Jitsi Meet WordPress plugin and How to install it?

Conduct webinars, video conferences and share content using free video conferencing software. Let’s learn how to install the Jitsi Meet plugin in WordPress.

jitsi meet wordpress plugin


Welcome to another blog post in the series of Blogging and Video Conferencing Software. Recently, …

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Things To Review Before Opting Open Source Software In 2021

Free and open-source software are developed to be publically available with source code. Let’s review critical factors for the choice of open-source software.

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You are landed in the right place if you are wondering to adopt software to boost …

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Top 5 Open Source Video Conferencing Software of 2021

Video collaboration software helps people to conduct video meetings. It has enabled many businesses to operate freely from anywhere with complete security.

Open Source Video Conferencing Software


We recently wrote on the impact of video conferencing software on business along with a tutorial article …

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A Step By Step Guide To Set up Open Source Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet brings remote people together to conduct effective meetings. Let’s learn how to set up this video conferencing software and explore its features

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We recently published a blog post that talks about the impact of video conferencing software

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Video Conferencing Apps | How It Benefits Your Business

Streamline your business processes by installing open source meeting software. Structured meetings boost productivity and provide a competitive edge.

Video Conferencing Apps


Organizational communication strategies have been evolving day by day. Many businesses have placed open source video meeting software for many …

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