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Top 5 Open Source Newsletter Software In 2021

Email marketing software helps businesses for sending newsletter campaigns to get in touch with customers. Check out a list of open source newsletter software.

Best Email Newsletter Software
Top 5 Open Source Newsletter Software

Newsletter marketing tools help businesses in email marketing and advertising …

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Setup Advanced Bounce Management And Bounce Rules In phpList

Depending on the type of bounce error code that is returned by the MTA, advanced bounce management allows the automated execution of different actions.

Setup Advanced Bounce Management And Bounce Rules In phpList

In our previous tutorial, we had already addressed phpList bounce processing. If you’re not familiar …

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Beginners Guide To Develop phpList Plugin

phpList plugins allows developers to customize the product and enhance its functionality. In this post, we will learn how to create basic plugin in phpList.

phpList Plugin
How to create phpList plugin

The plugin support is an essential part of the software, …

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How to setup and process bounces in phpList

Send campaign with open source newsletter and email marketing software. Setup bounce management in phpList and automate bounce processing for healthy mailing lists.

process bounces phplist

We have written articles for implementing Multi-tenancy and sending newsletter campaign in phpList. In this article, we …

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How to create and send newsletter using phpList

Create and send newsletter using open source phpList and reach to millions of subscribers. Enhance the engagement of clients with product updates, promotions and new features.

Create and Send Newsletter using phpList

Marketing is an important part of any online or offline business. Email marketing is …

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How To Configure Multi-tenant Application In phpList

Tutorial to develop a multi-tenant application in phpList. The multi-tenant feature uses a single installation for multiple hosts to reduce hosting costs.

Multi-tenant Application phpList

In this article, we will cover what is Multi-tenancy and how we can configure Multi-tenant application in phpList.…

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