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Blogging Platforms are used for managing your online content for communicating with your audience across the globe. Many free and open source blogging platforms have evolved over the years. As a result, we have a number of variations like blogging tools, web site builders, static site generators etc.


There are so many blogging platforms available. Because of this, choice becomes difficult as each platform has its own pros and cons. Our team has gone through a huge number of platforms and filtered a list of 5 best blogging software available as of today:

  • WordPress
  • Jekyll
  • Ghost
  • Serendipity
  • SilverStripe


WordPress: A big community of WordPress results into a huge number of plugins. Then huge user base has various use cases. So the plugins offered by WordPress are diversified and cover most of the customization requirements of any business.

Jekyll: Jekyll is a Ruby based open source content management system which generates blog or site contents in plain HTML.Jekyll also allows you to extend functionality via its plugin system without modifying its core. Therefore, you can create high speed blogs with Jekyll.

Ghost: Ghost is developed using Node.js which makes it a fast and robust platform. It focuses more on Markdown instead of WYSIWYG editing. Ghost also provides a number of integrations with Zapier, Google, Strip and the list goes on.

Serendipity: An open source PHP based weblog engine designed for the casual bloggers. However, offers an expandable framework which has the power to build professional applications. It also offers robust plugin system which allows to achieve required customization.

SilverStripe: PHP based free and open source CMS and Framework for creating and maintaining websites, blogs and web applications. In order to support customization, SilverStripe offers a variety of useful Add On.

Let’s Develop A WordPress Plugin | WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Plugin is a module you activate on your website to provide a series of features or elements. These plugins are SEO optimized and offer automation.

wordpress plugin tutorial


WordPress is an enterprise-level open source blogging platform. A WordPress plugin is a …

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A Beginners Guide to Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

A Beginners Guide to Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

How to Create WordPress Theme is amongst the top queries in google search. Creating a WordPress theme can be simple if you know basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, if you are new to WordPress then this tutorial is for …

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WordPress Instant Messaging Using

This integration improves productivity by allowing instant messaging from a WordPress site. It empowers to communicate with customers and team mates.

Wordpress Instant Messaging Solution Using

Rocket.Chat team offers a free open source plugin for WordPress instant messaging and live chat from within WordPress. WordPress …

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How to Integrate Discourse Forum with WordPress

Learn how to integrate Discourse Forum with WordPress in this tutorial. Using Discourse’s Official WordPress Plugin

Integrate Discourse with WordPress

A number of websites maintain a forum for their support issues. Moreover, it is used by the communities to share ideas and experiences. Companies …

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CiviCRM WordPress Integration | WordPress Tutorial

In this WordPress plugin tutorial, we will learn how to integrate free CiviCRM with WordPress to gain competitive advantages in terms of contact management.

civicrm wordpress


Welcome to this tutorial article that is about CiviCRM WordPress integration. The fact of …

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Automate ticketing system using WordPress and osTicket

Automate the helpdesk process with seamless WordPress and osTicket integration. Transform customers’ inquires through web-based forms into support tickets.

OsTicket-Wordpress Integration to Automate Ticketing System

Your customers can have queries regarding your products/services. They will send their queries through different forms on your WordPress site. osTicket-Wordpress …

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Marketing Automation with Mautic and WooCommerce Integration

Boast sales using Mautic and WordPress WooCommerce together. Automate marketing process by fetching customers’ data from WordPress to Mautic.

Marketing Automation Using Mautic-WooCommerce Integration


Mautic-WooCommerce integration provides an easy way to get all the contacts in Mautic app. Then using these contacts, you can …

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Top 5 Most Popular Open Source Blogging Platforms in 2021

To setup a website and blog first thing you have to do is to choose right blogging platform which meets all your content creation and content management needs.

Top 5 Most Popular Open Source Blogging Platforms
Top 5 Most Popular Open Source Blogging Platforms in 2021

Open source …

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