Most companies use marketing tools to promote & sell their products and services. Let’s learn about the top 5 digital marketing tools for businesses in 2021.

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow


To ensure that your online marketing plan succeeds, it also means using the right tools at the right time. You need to know which strategies to implement and which digital marketing tools to use. There are many online digital marketing tools that can dramatically improve your productivity and increase your sales. In this post, I’m going to outline 5 online best digital marketing tools that you need when starting a business. Each of these tools will help you get that competitive edge you’re after.

In this article we will focus on the top digital marketing tools list to boost traffic, generate sales and much more.

1- SEMrush

SEMrush is very popular all-in-one digital marketing tool that enables businesses to optimize their online visibility across all key channels. It allows you to observe the success of your online marketing efforts. It also works as site health checker, traffic analytics, competitors tracor, backlink checker and keyword generator tool. SEMrush is one of the top digital marketing platforms and a really solid SEO tool to analyze how your competitors are doing as well.

Data and insights of SEMrush keyword generator tool are trusted by top media outlets and marketing professionals all over the world. As a market leader SEMrush specializes in SEO research, content marketing, Google Ads campaign optimization and competitor analysis. SEMrush marketplace provides a lot of data relating back link or keyword research every day for which your site ranks.

2- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular reputation management tools that tracks website such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc and reports website traffic. It provides marketers and website owners with detailed statistics about their website traffic and visitors behavior. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics digital marketing and best internet marketing tools service on the web that allows you to monitor traffic patterns, track visitors navigate through your website.

Currently Google Analytics is on its 4th version of the platform which is called GA4. GA4 has currently replaced Universal Analytics(UA). GA API can be used by third parties to build custom applications and reporting tools. Google Analytics tracking code runs in the client browser when the client browses the page and collects visitors data before sending it to a Google data collection server. Google Analytics tracking code sets a first party cookie in addition to sending data to a Google server. Content marketing success is heavily focused on producing data and data is what you get when you rely on digital marketing analytics tools by Google Analytics.

By linking Google digital analytics tool with Google Ads, users can create and review online campaigns in the Google Ads reports in Analytics. Two most features of Google Analytics are just a few of our favorites:

Bounce Rate measures the number of visitors that come to your site.

Conversion Rate measures when a visitor to your website perform an action you care about and “converts” into a customer.

3- Mail Chimp

Every marketer needs an email marketing service, and MailChimp marketing automation platform is what I use. MailChimp has one goal and one goal only: to help and manage better emails to your customers.

MailChimp is all-in-one integrated email marketing service and one of the best digital marketing tools examples that boasts more than 10 million users to send emails every day. It’s impossible to list all the benefits and features of this email platform, but it focuses on contact management practices, designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis.

MailChimp has powerful reporting and email Designer features. It’s social sharing integration works with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Magento, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Shopify, WooCommerce, Mandrill, Eventbrite, Unbounce, Squarespace, Drupal, Slack, and Google Analytics etc. Email recipients can share your contents on Twitter, helping you increase organic traffic.

Moreover, it allows you to send emails to hundreds or thousands of recipients all at once. It helps to create, send and manage mailing lists. It also analyzes your email campaigns, newsletters and collecting leads.

4- Google Search Console

Google search console is your primary web service for helping to identify any possible issues with your site, including indexing problems, manual penalties, request re-indexing, optimize visibility of their websites and crawl errors. Search console is a free service to help troubleshoot, maintain and monitor your website presence in Google Search results.

Google Search Console can immediately notify you of any errors it finds on on your web site in your console inbox. It confirms that Google can fix and crawl your site. You can find more detail’s and overview here google search console and you can setup google search for your site by following guide Link with google search console.

5- Mention

Mention is a great social media monitoring tool that enables brands and agencies to track social mentions, analyze competitors and generate leads. Mention internet marketing software helps you get the online audience, manage social media by allowing you to track every time somebody mentions your name, brand or target keywords at your fingertips.

It also allows you to stay instantly informed on relevant topical discussions in your industry through keyword tracking. Mention spots that somebody talks about you or your brand you can instantly see this through one of their app which offers the opportunity to build brand awareness within relevant audiences.

Imagine if someone complains about your brands or business and nobody responds to this. You could instantly answer and turnaround reported issue before it escalates. You can track your competitors name and this could be a great opportunity to get more business. Mention has a cost free plan where you can track up to 500 mentions in a month.


Hope that this list of tools used in digital marketingwill help you in your digital marketing skills and bring you the success you seek. There are many other website marketing tools and monitoring apps available. Hope you learned something new and missing out on any of these digital marketing tools can hinder your marketing from getting better.

We put together a list of digital marketing platforms examples. Make sure that you understand these online marketing tools list well to bring about remarkable improvements in your brand name online. Remember, better and comprehensive tools are equivalent to better marketing. I hope this list is useful, what do you find most useful of the digital marketing tools we have covered in this article.

What digital marketing tools do you use online?. If you have any questions or thoughts, please get in touch.


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