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How to Install WordPress Analytics Plugin Plausible

Plausible is a business intelligence software that lets you track important business insights and data analytics. Let’s learn how to install it on WordPress.

WordPress Analytics Plugin


Do you have a business website? Are you looking to track, analyze critical business insights? …

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Top 5 Open-Source Social Networking Software in 2022

Build your own social network using open-source social network platforms. Control your data and collaborate with your team members & customers effectively.

Social Networking Software


Welcome to another blog post in the series on Social Networking Software. In the recent past, …

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What is Jitsi Meet WordPress plugin and How to install it?

Conduct webinars, video conferences and share content using free video conferencing software. Let’s learn how to install the Jitsi Meet plugin in WordPress.

jitsi meet wordpress plugin


Welcome to another blog post in the series of Blogging and Video Conferencing Software. Recently, …

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