How Global Gaming Industry Leveraging Open Source Software

Open source software provides rapid evolution of source code with transparency. It is flourishing video game development just like other software categories.

global gaming industry


Recently, we published a tutorial article that elaborates a brief intro and installation procedure of a popular open source video game development software GDevelop. Over time, the stack of technology is being filled with huge innovation and transformation. However, in this blog post, we will discuss the influence of open source software community on the global gaming industry by covering the following points.

How Open Source Helps the Gaming Industry

There is huge demand of fascinating and high quality video games. In fact, developers tend to enjoy working on game development due to the eye catching graphics, sounds and gaming ideas. On the other hand, there are billions of gamers who spend their time and money to play those games. Therefore, making software open source increases the probability of enhanced quality and performance. Lets see the following direct ways where open source assists game development.

Tools: Using proper fully equipped game development tool can reduce the development cost. Luckily, open source community has developed many editors that provide a complete environments for game developments.

Cost Effective: There are a number of open source utilities available for the required functionalities. Therefore, using those pre-built libraries in on going projects can reduce extra cost and time.

Time Saving: Having multiple developers working as contributors speed up the development. Eventually, it enables you to make quick releases for the gamers to keep their interest alive.

Stability: Open source community is expanding day by day. There are many devs who are stick to one project and they tend to setup on their premises to configure and test. This activity makes sure the stability of project as issues get resolved in no time due to consistent checking and testing.

Knowledge Sharing: Open sourcing of projects produces opportunities of information sharing across the globe. There are variety of discussion forums where developers come and share the issues they face and hence, they come to a solution which is always available for the rest of the community.

Impact of COVID-19 On The Game Development Community

Video gaming is the most emerging market of the current times. COVID-19 has accelerated the number of game users. Due to lockdown and restrictions, the young generation spends most of the time on smartphones and PCs and always looks at games for quality time pass. In addition, the gaming world is not about just playing games. There are online leagues and tournaments held on an international level.

This pandemic is taking the gaming industry to the next level in terms of user engagement, revenue, and sales. Game development companies are making compelling video games with attractive graphics and stories. Due to all these and some other factors, it is always one’s desire to capture the market as much as possible and it seems very doable with the help of open source community.

The Future Of Open Source Game Development

Without open source, it is very hard for developers to contribute in an effective and progressive way. According to the recent trends, just like other software categories, it is equally important to make gaming development open source. Tech giants are now looking towards making their codebases open for developers due to various factors such as security, stability, and interoperability.

The future of game development is strongly interlinked with open source due to the robust open source adoption by the tech companies. It brings the latest developments and hence, quick software releases with new features and interfaces. Whereas, startups consider it a great helping hand where they can leverage pre-built open source projects. However, there are many game making software for beginners available that offer opportunities in terms of learning and development towards production releases.


In the end, it is always beneficial to have people from around the globe working on shared projects. Gammers are playing a vital role in the growth of the video gaming industry. Therefore, it is truly important to pay attention to their feedback. By adopting open source software development practices, video game developers can multiply their contribution to the global gaming industry. Finally, will publish articles on further open source game development software. Therefore, please stay in touch with this Game Development Software category for regular updates.