A Tutorial To Start Video Editing With Blender Video Editor

The editing part is a critical part of video production. Install a good open source video editor to get professional results for your business video marketing.

Blender Video Editor

In the recent past, we published some articles on open source video editing software such as How Open Source Video Editor boosts Business Video Marketing, Top 5 Free Video Creation Tools For Video Marketing of 2021, and a tutorial article A Tutorial To Start Video Editing With OpenShot Video Editor. In this blog post, we will learn how to setup and start with Blender video editor by covering following points:

A Brief Introduction Of Blender Video Editor

Blender is a free open source video editor that is also used for 3D modeling. It is based on a video sequence editor that produces high-quality animations. There is a syncing mechanism with which users can sync audio with the video. This free video editor offers three view types of the main views, preview, sequencer, and sequencer/preview. It provides many powerful video editing features such as waveform visualization, live preview, filters speed control transitions, and more. Blender is written in C, C++, and Python. You can deploy it on all popular platforms such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. There is all documentation available regarding development and deployment.

The Installation Procedure Of Blender

In this section, we will learn how to install an open source Blender video editor. First, I am using MacBook so make sure you have installed the following requirements. Moreover, you can check the requirements for other platforms here.

  • Git
  • CMake
  • Svn
  • Xcode

Once pre-requisites are installed, open the terminal and run the following command to clone the source code:

git clone https://git.blender.org/blender.git

Upon a successful clone, run the following commands:

cd blender
make update

Now, run the following command to make build:

Blender Video Editor

Once the build is finished, you can find the Blender.app ready to run in /build_darwin/bin.

Feature exploration

After installation is completed, you can run the application by double-clicking Blender.app. This is the window shown in the image below that you will see first.

video editing tutorial

Then, go into File->New->Video Editing to open the video editor.

open source video editing software

In the image above, you can find the configuration pane on the top right-hand side where you can set the resolution, file format and etc. You can drop/import your videos on the top left-hand side and timeline at the bottom where you can arrange your video/audio clips.

Once you import any video clip, you can perform various video editing actions such as cut, crop, transform, effects, adding text, and more. You can find all these options at the bottom right-hand side as shown in the image below.

Blender Video Editor

Once you are done with the editing, On the right hand side there is an option “Output” where you can save the file in any format in your file system as shown in the image below.

video editing tutorial


Hopefully, this video editing tutorial will have guided you about open source Blender video editor. This tool is versatile in terms of features and video editing services. For businesses, videos play a strong role in making products and services understandable and increase traffic. Finally, containerize.com is continuously writing blog posts on further open source products and topics. Therefore, please stay in touch with the Video Editing Software category for regular updates.


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