Top 5 Open Source Password Managers In 2021

Password managers allow users to store passwords, share credentials across the team securely and easily login into various apps using one master password.

Top 5 Open Source Password Managers In 2021
Top 5 Open Source Password Managers In 2021

Remembering all the different password combinations for different websites and applications isn’t an easy task, and while writing them down on a piece of paper can seem like an easy solution. There isn’t much security in that method, as you can easily lose it or it can fall in the hands of the wrong person. Password managers on the other hand, make it easy for users to store all their passwords in one place and access them whenever they need to. Open-source password managers are a great option when it comes to making sure that your passwords are not only stored in one place but won’t fall in the wrong hands either. In this article we will discuss following top open source password managers:


KeePass is one of the best free password manager software. It makes it easier for users to access passwords by syncing them on multiple devices or sharing files on Dropbox, OneDrive, or other file sharing apps. While KeePass is developed mainly as a password manager for Windows OS, you can still run the password manager on Max or Linux as well. All passwords are stored in one database which is encrypted with a master key that is shared with the user. When it comes to encryption KeePass uses SHA-256, TwoFish, and other popular encryption algorithms to ensure the safety and security of passwords. Here are some pros of Keepass:

  • Secure password manager
  • Open source
  • Cross platform sync
  • Browser integration
  • Portable

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Passbolt makes it easier for employees to store passwords for different servers, applications they use on the daily and encourages them to not keep the same password for multiple accounts. It works for browser apps, desktop apps emails and much more. As an open source password manager it is highly secure and uses GnuPG encryption to authenticate users and secure password database. Here are some prominent features of Passbolt:

  • Free and Open Source
  • Created for Teams
  • Incorporates GnuPG Encryption
  • Compatible with Different Browsers
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Self-hosted Password Manager

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Password Safe

Password Safe was solely developed for Windows and Linux users. However, you can find clones of the software for other operating systems and platforms as well. As a free to download password manager, Password Safe was further improved to keep your passwords secure by including encryption algorithm TwoFish and using cryptographic hash functions like SHA-256 to generate keys. Here are some prominent features of Password Safe:

  • Easily Categorize Passwords
  • Export or Import Passwords
  • Random Password Generator
  • Portable Password File
  • Secure and Safe Password Manager

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Bitwarden is all rounded open source password manager that not only can be used by individuals to store their critical and important information, but can be deployed by businesses across all levels as well. As an open source password manager, it comes in two versions: free and paid version. Similarly, Bitwarden can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile phones, and provides plenty of browser extensions to autofill passwords as well. It is one of the best open source password manager. Following are some of the key features it provides:

  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Health reports regarding passwords
  • Random Password Generator
  • Audit and breach monitoring
  • Detailed event logs

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With Psono, you can deploy the password manager on your own server and allow up to 10 users to store their important information and access it as well. As an open source password manager, it also has multiple device and cross platform compatibility such as iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux and browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari and more. Here are some stand-out features of Psono:

  • Open source
  • Uses a multilayered encryption
  • Provides password generator to produce strong passwords
  • Autofill login credentials

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Credentials managers are a convenient way of storing your passwords for different accounts and websites at one place. Especially if you use complex password combinations consisting of alphanumeric and special characters, then it can be hard remembering them all. We have discussed some of the top open source password managers in this blog. Some are better for individuals, some are better for teams, some are better for Windows and others for browsers or mobile apps. All of them have their own pros and cons. Choosing the best one depends upon user requirements.

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