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Important Digital Marketing Practices For Startups In 2021

New and innovative brands are launching every day because of the rapidly growing competition. This post covers best marketing practices for business in 2021.

Digital Marketing Best Practices For Startups In 2021


Digital marketing has changed at a rapid pace and some marketering experts even believe that …

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How To Setup ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Network Locally

Establish your own public/private blockchain network to manage and monitor business digital transactions. Let’s learn how to setup Consensys Quorum on localhost.

ConsenSys Quorum


In the recent past, we published blog posts on some blockchain-related topics such as Top 5 Open

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How to use Nginx as Load Balancer for your application

Nginx is popular for its high performance and scalability. It’s the #1 open source web server. In this tutorial, we’ll learn to use Nginx as load balancer.

How to use nginx as load balancer

Modern high traffic websites serve hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions …

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Best Business and Technology Trends for 2021

There will be rapid changes in top technological and business innovations in 2021. Here are a few emerging technology and business trends we will see in 2021.

Top technology and business trends for 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to adopt digital transformation in almost …

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A Tutorial To Start Video Editing With Blender Video Editor

The editing part is a critical part of video production. Install a good open source video editor to get professional results for your business video marketing.

Blender Video Editor

In the recent past, we published some articles on open source video editing software …

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Top 5 Open Source Newsletter Software In 2021

Email marketing software helps businesses for sending newsletter campaigns to get in touch with customers. Check out a list of open source newsletter software.

Best Email Newsletter Software

Open source newsletter solutions help business owners send marketing campaigns, product updates, and promotions to existing …

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Top 5 Open-Source and Free Office Software of 2021

Office Productivity Software plays a vital role for Businesses. Free Office Software Helps you meet your Office Productivity needs without any cost.

open-source and free office software

Due to digitalization, the world is going more paperless. Hence the demand for office productivity software has increased …

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Top 5 Open Source Business Intelligence Solutions Of 2021

Handle your business data efficiently with open source BI software. Data visualization using charts brings clarity in understanding users and product usage.

Open Source Business Intelligence

Open source business intelligence solutions secure a vital role in the growth of any business. In past, we …

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How To Secure and Encrypt Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04

Websites include SSL/TLS encryption for its domain to attract visitors. This article explains use of Certbot utility to obtain TLS/SSL certificates for Nginx on Ubuntu.

Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu


Any website that seeks to attract visitors needs to include TLS/SSL encryption for its …

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Bitwarden VS Passbolt – Differences You Should Know

Both Bitwarden and Passbolt are open source password managers specifically built for teams. This article will help you decide which one suits you better.

Open Source Password Managers | Bitwarden VS Passbolt

When it comes to finding a password manager that not only works for individual use but …

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