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Setup & Manage KeePass Password Manager For Windows

KeePass is a popular, secure, free and open source password manager. This guide will help Windows users to setup and manage passwords using KeePass.

Setup & Manage KeePass Password Manager For Windows


Remembering all the different password …

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Top 5 Open Source Deployment Tools In 2021

Automate software building, testing, and deployment workflows with free deployment tools. We have compiled a list of top 5 open source deployment software.

Free Software Deployment Tools

Free software deployment tools help teams to automate application building, testing, and deployment processes. It helps developers …

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How Free Business Analytics Tools Assist Your Business

Business intelligence analytics software converts the raw data into meaningful information. Businesses tend to opt for a BI solution to identify opportunities.

Business Analytics Tools


At the current point in time, data is the most important thing in any organization. Enterprise businesses …

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Everything You Need to Know About Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This article explains two-factor authentication in detail and how to It can be implemented in .NET 5 using Identity Frameworks like IdentityServer4 and an SMS Provider (Twilio). 

Two-factor Authentication (2fA) with .NET5 IdentityServer4 and twilio

It contains the following sections:

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Automate PHP Application Deployment With Deployer

Automate PHP application deployment process with PHP deployment tool. We will learn how to setup Deployer and use it to deploy PHP application.

PHP Deployment Tool

Its a very critical job to deploy application on the server after development. New features and bug …

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Introduction to Redis Pub/Sub and How Does It Work?

Redis Pub/Sub implements a real-time messaging system, where publishers, publish to a channel/topic and several clients can subscribe to that channel/topic.

Redis Pub Sub

In our last tutorial “A Beginner’s Guide to Redis In-Memory Database” we learned about Redis as an …

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Manage Databases with Adminer Database Management Tool

A user-friendly interface for developers to manage databases. In this guide, you’ll get to know all the basic information required to get started with Adminer.

Manage Databases with Adminer Database Management Tool
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Top 5 Open Source Patient Health Record Software

Schedule medical services using a corporate-level healthcare information system. These open source software are designed on scalable architecture and tech stack.

Patient Health Record


In our previous blog posts, we wrote on different topics that include How Online Healthcare Software Empowers Healthcare

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