Features Exploration Of Medical Health Solution OpenEMR

ONC Certified cross platform custom healthcare software. It automates several tasks such as patients appointments, patient records, billing and some more.

Medical Health Solution


In recent times, we published blog posts on How Online Healthcare Software Empowers Healthcare Industry and a tutorial article How To Set Up eHealth System Hospitalrun On Localhost. In this article, we will go through the promising features offered by medical health solution OpenEMR. However, we will cover the following points.

Brief introduction of OpenEMR

OpenEMR is a multilingual open source medical care solution. It offers data security with encryption techniques. This free healthcare solution facilitates its users to manage patient’s medical records and stock of medicine. Further, there are many features such as scheduling patient’s appointments, reminders, and lab integration.

This web based medical billing software is self-hosted and provides a logical, user-friendly interface. Moreover, e-Prescribing is a very powerful module of this free tool. OpenEMR is written in PHP and is fully documented regarding development and deployment.

OpenEMR Features

In this section, we will explore some of the major modules offered by this custom healthcare software.

You can experience OpenEMR yourself by following this link. Once you open this link, you will land on a login page. You can use the following credentials to log in as an admin.

Username: admin
Password: pass

Upon successful login, you will see the admin dashboard as shown in the image below.

Firstly, if you go into the settings, you can do various actions such as changing the appearance of the dashboard, reports and billing.

custom healthcare software

Moreover, it also enables users to configure and change the calendar settings.

free medical health solution

In the image above, you can see the top menu bar and calendar on the left side. However, you can switch between the menu items. Well, in the center of the dashboard you can see the scheduled appointments of the patients. You can see all the medical/personal detail of the patient by clicking the name.

There is a complete module for adding/managing patients from the user interface.

open source openemr

Users can see and search the reports of patients from the UI as shown in the image below.

Medical Health Solution

Likewise, there are many rich features available in this hospital management system. In addition, you can have a thorough review and then host it on your own servers.


In the end, we can safely say that this medical health solution is truly an enterprise level healthcare solution to manage daily medical practices. Finally, containerize.com is in a consistent process of writing blog posts on further latest open source products. Therefore, stay in touch with this Healthcare Technologies category for the latest updates.

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