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Apache vs Nginx | What is Apache? | What is Nginx?

Apache uses a process-driven approach and Nginx uses event-driven approach to process user requests. Lets explore the difference between Apache and Nginx.

Apache vs Nginx


Although Apache and Nginx share many qualities, they should not be considered entirely interchangeable. Both open source …

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Open Source Medical Software | OpenEMR Features

ONC Certified cross-platform free medical health solution. It automates several tasks such as patient appointments, patient records, billing, and much more.

Open Source Medical Software


In recent times, we published blog posts on How Online Healthcare Software Empowers Healthcare Industry and a tutorial …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Redis In-Memory Database

This tutorial helps you learn about Redis In-Memory Database. It is open-source and also called a key-value store, which is a type of database non-relational.

In-Memory Database Redis

Redis actually stands for “REmote DIctionary Server”. Database Redis is an …

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Continuous Integration And Continuous Deployment From Source Control Server

Automate development workflows using free deployment tool. We will learn how to setup CI/CD with Jenkins automation server and GitHub for software deployment.

Continuous Integration And Continuous Deployment

Development teams use different methods for software deployment such as FTP, pulling code from the repository, and …

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Github Actions Tutorial | Automate Your First WorkFlow

Github has introduced Github Actions that allow you to set up Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment using a config file right in your Github repo.

github actions tutorial


One of the best ways to increase productivity in a software project is to …

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How To Install Hospitalrun | Hospital Management System

Self-hosted healthcare solution to facilitate clinicians and patients. Let’s learn how to deploy free Hospitalrun on the localhost by following simple steps.

Hospital Management System


We recently published a blog post on How Online Healthcare Software Empowers Healthcare Industry that describes the …

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MySQL DBMS | Popular Database | Why MySQL is so Popular?

MySQL is a most widely used popular database that is adopted as a primary relational database for enterprise-level apps due to its powerful characteristics.



Welcome to another exciting blog post in the series of Open Source Database Management Systems. …

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GitLab Continuous Deployment | How it Works?

Automated Deployment streamlines your workflow & processes. This GitLab tutorial helps you learn to set up a continuous deployment pipeline using GitLab CI/CD.

GitLab Continuous Deployment


In the last few articles, we learned about the basics of version control and then we …

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Technology and Healthcare | Impact on Healthcare Industry

Healthcare IT systems are significantly contributing to the healthcare sector. Medical professionals are now able to respond quickly to the challenges.

technology and healthcare


In the near past, we published some blog posts on the topics such as Top 5 Open Source

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Top 5 Open Source Database Management Systems In 2022

Open-source DBMS software have gained maturity and popularity to the enterprise level. They are flexible, offer robustness, efficiency, and data integrity.

Database Management Systems


Database Management systems offer a systematic approach for the management of databases via a user interface. Moreover, a …

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