How To Create An Online Store With WooCommerce

Create an online store with outstanding free and open source eCommerce platform. Manage your WordPress website and store from single interface.

How To Create An Online Store With WooCommerce

Most of you are familiar with WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading platform for creating websites, blogs etc. There are tons of plugins available at marketplace that allow you to enhance the functionality. One of them is WooCommerce that helps users to setup online store. WooCommerce is open source, easy-to-use, customizable and robust eCommerce platform. Moreover, it’s built on top of WordPress and use its power to quickly turn your business to large audience.

We will cover following sections in this tutorial.

Install WordPress

You can skip this section and move to the next one if you already have WordPress installed. In case you don’t have WordPress setup, you can find step by step guideline for installation at

Install WooCommerce Plugin

In order to setup WooCommerce, follow these steps:

  • Login to admin panel of your WordPress site.
  • Navigate to Plugins and click Add New button.
  • Type WooCommerce in the search field and you will see it as the first search result.
Install WooCommerce Plugin
  • Click Install Now button next to WooCommerce plugin.
  • It would take few moments for installation. Click on Activate button once you done with installation.

Setup store with WooCommerce

The Setup Wizard guides you through all the required steps to create your store. Follow the below steps and your store will be ready to start selling.

Setup store with WooCommerce
  • Set location for your store.
  • Select in which industry your store operate.
  • Select type of products that will be listed at your store.
  • You need to provide information about your business in this step.
  • Choose appropriate theme for your store. You can choose free or paid one from the list. Also, you can upload your own theme as well.
  • Once you are done with the wizard, you need to setup few pages such as products, payments, tax, shipping, and personalize store as shown in the below screen.
Store Setup Checklist


We’ve discussed how to setup WordPress and WooCommerce in this tutorial. We hope that this guide will help you build your online store. However, by selecting the right theme and extensions, you can make it more powerful.

Further, is on the way to enhance the stack of open source products in multiple languages and frameworks. For regular updates, please stay tuned at Shopping Cart Software category for more interesting articles.