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Top 5 Open Source Blockchain Platforms In 2020

Blockchain technology is based on a distributed ledger secured with cryptography. It is immutable in nature and provides improved security and availability.

Open Source Blockchain Platforms


We recently published blog posts on Blockchain Technology for Business and a tutorial article on building a …

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How To Implement Multi-tenancy In Mautic

Save costs and maximize resource usage by implementing multi-tenancy in Mautic. Multi-tenancy helps in code customizations, app updates, improved productivity and easy maintenance.

How To Implement Multi-tenancy In Mautic

We will cover following sections in this tutorial:

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How To Automate Web Application Monitoring In Cachet

Cachet status page enables businesses to get instant notifications about service downtime. We will learn how to automate web application monitoring in Cachet.

Web Application Monitoring

Monitoring of applications and services is a very important part of online business. Your website runs 24X7 …

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How To Setup Mautic – Facebook Integration

Fetch Facebook ads leads to Mautic, add contacts into a segment and run email campaigns. Moreover, you can use these contacts in creating custom audience for Facebook ads.

How to set up Mautic - Facebook Integration

Mautic is a marketing automation software and gives complete control over marketing …

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How to Migrate from WordPress to Jekyll

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to migrate your website from WordPress to Jekyll and host it with Github free of cost

wordpress to jekyll

Jeykll is an open source static site generator. It transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. It takes …

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A Basic Guide on How To Create Ethereum Smart Contract

Ethereum is a mature platform to create smart contracts and decentralized applications(Dapps). Follow these steps to Create, Test, and Deploy Smart Contracts.

Guide on How To Create Ethereum Smart Contract


In the recent past, we published a blog post that highlights the impact and importance of Blockchain …

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