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How to create and send newsletter using phpList

Create and send newsletter using open source phpList and reach to millions of subscribers. Enhance the engagement of clients with product updates, promotions and new features.

Create and Send Newsletter using phpList

Marketing is an important part of any online or offline business. Email marketing is …

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How to setup and create the first application with Jhipster

Let’s dive into a stunning code generator. It offers out of the box features and utilities to generate web based responsive applications with documented REST API.

First Jhipster application


We recently published a blog post on the importance of RAD Software in …

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Setup XAMPP and phpMyAdmin as localhost on Windows

Setup a development environment with free and open source web server solution stack (XAMPP) and Database management software (phpMyAdmin)

XAMPP and phpMyAdmin as localhost

XAMPP and phpMyAdmin as localhost provides a local server for developers to test and build web apps. XAMPP is a local …

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How to Create and Run a Bot in Rocket.Chat using Botpress

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to create a bot using Botpress and it’s integration with Rocket.Chat

How to Create and Run a Bot in Rocket.Chat using Botpress

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate human conversation. You’ve probably encountered one on Facebook Messenger, a retail website. …

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How to implement Multi-tenancy in phpList

Design and build Multi-tenant application in phpList and host multiple tenants on single installation. Multi-tenancy helps companies to reduce maintenance overhead, server costs and boost revenue.

Implement Multi-tenancy in phpList

In this article, we will cover what is Multi-tenancy and how we can implement …

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How RAD Software Can Help You To Grow Business to Next Level

Boost up your business with open source RAD software. RAD provides a framework to lower development cost, faster delivery, fewer errors, and happier clients.

RAD Software


If you are looking to speed up your development processes using RAD software and your …

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How to create Joomla theme with Gantry Framework

Design powerful, interactive, and easy to use Joomla theme with open source Gantry framework to boost page loading speed and for optimum performance.

Create Joomla Theme with Gantry Framework

We’ve already created a post for creating responsive templates in Joomla, so we will concentrate on creating …

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Instantly communicate with customers using WordPress and Rocket.Chat

This integration improves productivity by allowing instant messaging from a WordPress site. It empowers to communicate with customers and team mates.

Communicate with customers using WordPress and Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat team offers a free open source plugin for WordPress to invoke live chat from within WordPress. WordPress and …

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Mautic And Drupal Integration To Automate Lead Nurturing

Let Mautic take charge of your marketing workflows to improve consumers’ responses. It is free, open source and provides easy integration with your Drupal site

Mautic integration with Drupal tutorial


In the current point of time, it is truly important to have a robust …

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How to Integrate Discourse Forum with WordPress

Learn how to integrate Discourse Forum with WordPress in this tutorial. Using Discourse’s Official WordPress Plugin

Integrate Discourse with WordPress

A number of websites maintain a forum for their support issues. Moreover, it is used by the communities to share ideas and experiences. Companies …

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