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OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial For Beginners | Open-Source

Video marketing boosts user engagement, brand awareness, and drives sales. Let’s learn how to nurture video editing skills with an open source video editor.

OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial


We recently published a blog post that discussed the impact of video marketing on business

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How To Set Up Online Help Desk Software Using osTicket

Manage all your support requests in one place using osTicket. Convert inquiries created via email, phone and forms into simple web-based tickets.

How To Set Up Online Help Desk Software Using osTicket

osTicket is an open source online help desk software solution. osTicket helpdesk is a free alternative to high …

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How to Setup Live Chat Software on Website | Rocket.Chat

Live chat support software brings convenience and efficiency in delivering customer support. Let’s learn how to install Rocket.Chat on your business website.

Live Chat Software


We have published some blog posts related to open source live chat software such as Top 5

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What is Testnet & How To Deploy It | Ethereum Testnet

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain peer-to-peer network of connected nodes. Let’s learn how to deploy and interact with Ethereum Node on a local server.

What is Testnet

In our previous blog posts, we wrote on multiple topics that include Blockchain Technology for Business

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Beginners Guide To Develop phpList Plugin

phpList plugins allows developers to customize the product and enhance its functionality. In this post, we will learn how to create basic plugin in phpList.

phpList Plugin
How to create phpList plugin

The plugin support is an essential part of the software, …

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How To Dockerize WordPress | Docker WordPress

A container software bundles up an application, its dependencies and make the app run on any computing environment. Let’s learn how to Dockerize WordPress.

Dockerize WordPress


Welcome to another blog post in the blogging category of open source software. We have …

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Impact of Open Source Video Editor On Businesses in 2021

Business video marketing is a vital component of a business’s digital marketing. Businesses tend to go for appealing video content for higher competitive edge.

Open Source Video Editor


It is very safe to admit that the present time is digital. Marketing strategies are …

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Lighttpd | How to Setup & Configure Open Source Web Server

Configure a secure, lightweight, and open-source web server. Lighttpd is an enterprise-level free web server and best suited for highly performant websites.

open source web server

Welcome to another blog post in the Web Server Solution Stack category. We have published many articles such …

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How To Enable GZIP Compression in WordPress | GZIP WordPress

Page speed and load times are the key factors for better ranking in search engines. GZIP compression can make it happen and provide a competitive edge.

enable gzip compression


As Google and other search engines are considering a website’s User Experience (UX) …

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Top 5 Open Source Version Control Systems In 2021

Version control software helps teams to keep track and control the versions of code. This is a concise review of the top 5 open source version control systems.

version control systems

Version control systems help software development teams to record changes to files …

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